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 The Ultimate Curtain Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Window Treatments
An invaluable guide to everything home decorators need to know about making professional-looking, economical curtains and blinds. Over 35 step-by-step projects lead home decorators through each phase of curtain-making, and every project is accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations and photos of the finished effect. Over 200 photos.
  Date Published 1/10/2000

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Rated By: A reader
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Comments: The best curtain book available!
For those with little idea of what their style might be or the look they are trying to achieve, this could be the curtain encyclopedia. The style ideas run the gamet from truely traditional to truely contemporary. And, each composed picture of the curtain in a setting is accompanied by instructions on how to make the curtains. I found it to be indispensible
Rated By: Rose Kish
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Comments: timeless classic styles
I borrowed this book from the library to take a closer look before purchasing and am very impressed.

I found ideas in this book very inspiring. It has page after page of color photographs, with excellent color illustrations on how to achieve the curtains of your choice. Author has clear running commentary throughout the book and the projects' instructions are in a "recipe" format; what materials you need, how to take the measurement, and step by step instructions. I notice on the copyright page it was originally published in 1993 in Great Britain (there is a english country style about it), yet looking at the timeless, classic fabrics and designs of the rooms in which these curtains appear show no signs of dated materials. That's what I think good decorating style is all about.

The Complete Home Decorating Book by Nicholas Barnard would be an excellent companion book. These two books seem to share the same design sensibilities.

Rated By: G. Stanton
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Comments: An excellent book on curtainmaking, not for beginners
Although I found this book helpful in making lined, hand-pleated curtians for my living room, I found it lacked certain information. Other books had to be consulted regarding how the curtains are attached to rings (with a drapery hook), sewing tips (the best way to seam velvet), pattern matching, etc. This books' strengths are in its multitude of design ideas -- page after page of beautiful photographs attest to the author's design skill (and high-paying clientelle). Buy this book if you need lots of examples of window treatments. If you need clear explanations of construction details, look elsewhere.
Rated By: E
From: Israel
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Comments: The ULTIMATE Curtain Book
I was pleasantly surprised by this extremely inspirational and exceptionally stylish book. It is detailed ,intelligent and clear. Unlike other books,this book is sharp,up to date and has a feel about it of an interior design magazine- better ,in a way, because it lets you in on the backstage information. Highly recommended,especially in view of similar books that hold a lot of promise and do not deliver. It's a paperback and the cover is simple and not very appealing, which may serve as a good lesson in life..didn't "they" say one shouldn't judge a book by its cover? There you go:)
Rated By: Because Book Club
From: Albany, NY
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Comments: Beautiful Book - Not for Beginners!
While the designs and photos are beautiful, this is not the book for those, like me, who are new to the home decor stage and simply want to "do it themselves" after growing to despise the current window treatments around the house. The instructions assumed a great deal of prior knowledge, particularly in sewing techniques and terms. I found this book frustrating and unusable - but then again - I can sew a straight line and that's about it. If you are looking for simple - look elsewhere.
Rated By: Annette Lockwood
From: Grand Rapids, MI
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Comments: Helpful Reference
This book is full of ideas to help plan your next project. Many of the decorator spreads are a bit wild, but certainly an inspiration for ideas. The step-by-step directions are an excellent resource for the cottage sewer, although you should be an experienced seamstress as many directions may have details missing a novice would find confusing. The window treatments I have made following these plans have been stunning. I use this book as a reference constantly.
Rated By: Miriam Kairey
From: Eatontown, NJ
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Comments: lots of information
I recently received this book and I have read it over. It is full of information on fabrics and curtain styles. There are a lot of beautiful photographs for inspiration. However as a how-to book it is intimidating. The instructions are written for advanced sewers. As someone who can only sew a straight line, I think I need Curtains for Dummies.

Rated By: Candice B.
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Comments: Beautiful Windows Designs
This book contained a lot of great ideas. Thanks!

Candice B.

Rated By: Charles Randall
From: Orange, CA
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Comments: The Ultimate dissapointment
This book was first published in 2000--see information listed by Amazon. It has not been updated. Wait for the update unless you are into antique or period styles. I don't trust books from the editors of big publishing companies. They pay their staff--usually incompetent, low level writers that know nothing about the subject- to attempt to write a book about that something they know nothing about.
Rated By: T. Cooke
From: Raleigh, NC
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Comments: Great Book!
I found this book to helpful in several ways. It has detailed sewing instructions along with great sketches and photos. I have made several of the projects and have been happy with all of the results. I am an experienced sewer, but even a novice could follow these instructions. Unlike another reviewer I do not think it is outdated at all. It is filled with classic, traditional treatments as well as some unique ones, --not half brained or trash styles like you find on Trading Spaces. I love this book and am glad to have it in my collection.