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 Pottery Barn Home (Pottery Barn Design Library) Introducing the ultimate sourcebook for the stylish home: Pottery Barn House & Home is filled with easy ideas for decorating, updating, and furnishing a cohesive, welcoming space. Whatever your style or budget, whether you’re completely remodeling or simply refreshing one room, you’ll find inspiration and practical guidelines to make your home a special place to be.

Key Features and Benefits:

* Discover hundreds of easy solutions for every aspect of home decorating: space planning, color selection, lighting, materials, fabrics, furnishings, accessories, and displays

* Get a glimpse inside real-life living rooms, gourmet kitchens, spa baths, home offices, outdoor spaces, and rooms of every style—including 700 photos commissioned exclusively for Pottery Barn books

* Learn about the latest design options for floors, fireplaces, bath fixtures, home offices, outdoor furniture, and more

* Find quick styling tips for photo displays, table settings, front entryways, bookshelves, and more

Pottery Barn House & Home puts the expertise of America’s leading source for home design at your fingertips and shows you how easy it is to create beautiful, personal spaces in your home. With chapters devoted to living, dining, cooking, sleeping, bathing, working, and relaxing, plus separate instructive sections on color, lighting, and materials, Pottery Barn House & Home demystifies decorating.

* Case studies take you in to real-life rooms and show you how and why each works.

* Design options give you all the information you need about the basics, from arranging seating to selecting bath fittings.

* Style guidelines offer easy, how-to advice for decorating that makes styling simple and shows you how to make quick but dramatic changes to your decor.

  Date Published 10/1/2005

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Rated By: Perfect Witch "Nishtha"
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The absolute last word in Home Decor
Pottery Barn is my favorite store for the most gorgeous in home furnishings. Their catalogs are to die for, and this Home Design Library book is a delight. I had purchased their Storage and Display book, and it was full of such interesting ideas! When their Home book came out, I had to have it. And yes, if you see a lot of superlatives here, this book does deserve it. Although all of their designs and suggestions may not be applicable for the apartment I live in, but they do inspire you, and one day, when I have my own house, I shall realize all (or at least some) of these ideas. The visuals are breathtaking, the suggestions are practical and dreamy, and yes, you can do stuff on the budget too, you just don't shop at PB :)

The book has sections on living, dining, kitchen, down to workplaces, and there are thoughtful hints and suggestions everywhere. Frankly, I do not have the kind of creativity many people do have, so I find that their ideas actually trigger my imagination and excitement.

Having only browsed through their catalogs and having read one of their books before (Storage and Display), I find all the ideas very well organized. I (wisely?) had not invested in their individual series on Bedrooms, Living Rooms, etc., which may have been a little excessive.

But if you want to create the perfect haven, here is a book to get you started.
Rated By: Avid Reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Rehash
I saw this book at the store and it looked like it was a very substantial, beautifully designed book-HOWEVER- I compared it to the other books in the series and,as I suspected, it has the same exact photos as the other books! If you have the other books, don't bother with this one.
Rated By: HEI "HEI"
From: Norway
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A treat for interior addicts
I live in Norway, so we don't have any Pottery Barn stores here. Nevertheless I find their books very interesting and delightful- and similar furniture is to be found over here.
I have purchased the Living Room book and Storage and Display before - liked them very much. I don't agree that the photos are similar - only a few and some photos are not used at all in the other books I have read. But I do agree that completely new pictures could have been used all over. No need to repeat. Full of good ideas an inspirations. This is a book I can linger over several evenings when the kids are tucked in.
Rated By: G. Koerber
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A complete duplication
I was very excited to receive this book in the mail, as I am a huge Pottery Barn fan. I have all of the other books in the series as well as a lot of their furniture & accessories in my own home. I was really disappointed to see that this book is merely a compilation of the other books in their library series. If you are looking for something new, this isn't it, but if you don't have the others, it's a wonderful reference with lovely pictures.
Rated By: Book Review Guy "BRG"
From: NY
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The Best!
This is a gorgeous book w/ tons of great ideas. You can spend hours upon hours enjoying this one - sure to be a classic!
Rated By: C. L. Krautheim "Louise"
From: Camp Hill, PA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very nice book, but....
I found it very hard for me to incorporate my traditional style of furniture into some of the suggested ideas in this book. It is a wonderful reference book if you have Pottery Barn furniture, but it just does not work for all furniture syles. This book had a lot of good ideas for color, etc. Great book for Pottery Barn lovers, lacking if you have other type furniture.
Rated By: C. Morgan
From: USA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very creative...
I disagree with the previous reviewer who felt this book best suited to PB furniture owners. I own not one stick of their line - but I found the book to be full of creative, interesting and usable ideas for the new home I am in the process of building. I have not purchased any other PB books so the duplication issue doesn't apply for me. My taste is a little more traditional, a little less casual...but the clean lines, simple but dramatic accessories, the overall aesthetic ...these all work for me. The lessons here can be adapted easily to a range of styles.
Rated By: Wayne Liu "Way Way"
From: California, USA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Pottery Barn Home
I ordered a book Pottery Barn Home. It arrived here much earlier than indicated in the e-mail. However, I noticed that the book had a price sticker from Costco on it (and the price on the sticker was actually lower than the Amazon's price!), so it was obvious that it was a return from Costco. should at least remove the price sticker from another store before reselling them to customers. The book was in o.k. condition, with the dent on one of the corners from transportation.