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 Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-Ordered Home and Life Organizing Magic: 40 Days to a Well-Ordered Home and Life
  Date Published 7/1/2006

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Rated By: Christina
From: Chicagoland, IL
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Comments: Awesome!
This was such a great book for encouragement! It wasn't your typical organizational book. Though it helps with organizing tips the biggest help to me was giving me a whole new perspective on clutter and my home. It was an excellent book to keep you motivated! If you have trouble getting started or get discouraged easily while reorganizing your home- this book is for you!
Rated By: David L. Tallant
From: Plano, Texas
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Comments: Another handy book from Sandra!
I LOVE all of Sandra Felton's books and this one is no exception! This is a handy little guide with great ideas and practical suggestions I can easliy start putting into place now. My life is really changing (slowly) after reading Sandra's "Messies Manual" and other books.

Rated By: Buffalogal
From: Wichita, KS
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Comments: She's right about putting things away
For years I have found myself shifting things from pile to pile. And I can make a mess faster than most people's kids. Magic for me, is learning to put things away. I've been on Flylady's list for years, and although she's done some good things for me, it's Sandra Felton who has emphasized that putting things away NOW is the best way to avoid having a mess to deal with LATER. Until I learned this, I was deeply frustrated, for in my efforts to declutter and organize my house, I was spinning my wheels. I'd work hard, only to find a week later, I was back where I started.

This book really emphasizes putting things away ASAP, and getting into that mindset is changing my life.
Rated By: Linda N. "Linda N."
From: Buffalo, MN
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Comments: Encouragement for every day
I have enjoyed all of Sandra's books but I found this one particularly helpful. This is not a how-to book in the sense that it gives a lot of structure for organizing . But I found it to be very helpful as a daily encouragement, almost like a "daily devotional" for those of us who struggle daily to keep up the motivation to keep our homes and lives organized in spite of busy lives and families. (If you struggle like this you will know what I mean and I think this book will help you, too.) Thanks, Sandra!
Rated By: M. Blackledge "Fellow Messie"
From: Illinois
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Comments: Just What I Needed!
How does Sandra Felton know exactly what I'm like and what I'm thinking? The chapter headings give specific assignments which is the kind of step-by-step approach I appreciate. I am on the 'Be Very Annoyed step' and feel I am making progress. Great book!