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 Glorious Interiors : Needlepoint, Knitting and Decorative Design Projects for Your HomeWith Kaffe's background as a painter and his extraordinary talent for combining colors and textures, it is no surprise that the interiors he designs are a bold mix of eclectic elements. His starting point may be a conventional theme, such as Squares, Leaves or Mosaics, yet in his hands the resulting rooms display a wonderful juxtaposition of different colors, motifs and decorative ideas. Based on seven overall themes, Kaffe has created, in his own home, stunning room sets, each one full of practical projects. A wide range of crafts is used to achieve the look, including not only plenty of knitting and needlepoint pieces, such as cushions and throws, but also rag rugs, wallpaper borders, collage screens and mosaics. From the extravagant gypsy style of the Flowers theme to the quieter, more subtle approach of Mosaics, each room set is different in feel and tone, ensuring that there is something to suit every taste and style of decor. With full instructions and charts provided for each project and a chapter on the general techniques needed to create everything from a mosaic tabletop to a collage screen, all the ideas featured in the book are eminently accessible. Kaffe's conviction that anyone can learn how to stitch in a matter of minutes is extended to his other design ideas - there are no complicated techniques or expensive materials needed here, and he encourages readers to use his basic ideas to experiment on their own.
  Date Published 11/1/1995

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Comments: Five stars plus!
This is one of Kaffe's best books, if not the best. The photos are beautiful, and the displays of his needlepoint tapestries or vests among the collections of furnishings, etc., in his home are truly beautiful. Stunning needlepoint rugs, both of which are available as kits as noted in the book, although the kits are simplified versions of the rugs. Some rag rugs with patterns to make them. Lovely paintings too, if you like Kaffe's style or at least find it appealing. Some needlepoint charts, although I wish there were many more charted items, although some are photographed sufficiently that they can be copied yourself. Just a beautiful book on home decorating, on needlepoint, and on lovely ideas for tapestries.
Rated By: Valerie Tornick
From: Haledon, New Jersey
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Comments: A World of Color
I absolutely loved this book. Although I read it mainly for my interest in mosaics, I found many of the collages appealing as well. The photos are wonderful, colorful and display a great sense of creativity. What a happy feeling this rainbow of colors gives to a person inhabiting these unique rooms. And isn't that what decorating is all about? This book is a must for every creative mind!
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Comments: Love the Charted Designs--those included, that is!,
Kaffe Fassett is a designer that you either love or find almost sea-sickeningly over the top. I've got a foot in both camps--some of it is just too, too much--other things I want to make immediately. My main problem is the lack of charts. He states that one cushion can be easily coverted to a chair seat--true, if there were a chart to begin with. Now, I can understand that a wing back chair might be a one off, but there is no excuse for showing a tantalizing close up of a pillow without a chart! It is too frustrating. And there are far too many references to things that are available as kits from Ehrman--particularly when not all of them are still available. Still worth it for the charts that he does include and for some design ideas--if you are willing to just pile on the patterns!