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 Jed Johnson : Opulent Restraint Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint is the first book to chronicle the fascinating career, work and times of an interior design superstar whose life was cut short in 1996 by the disastrous explosion of TWA Flight 800. From humble beginnings in Minnesota, Johnson rose to prominence in nineteen-seventies New York, via the Warhol Factory, to the highest echelons of the rarified world of design and decoration. His impressive celebrity client list included Pierre Bergé, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Richard Gere, and Barbara Streisand. Yet, with success and acclaim, he never lost his shy humility, generous spirit and quiet grace. Through a series of essays, project photographs and personal pictures we trace the influences on his nascent career, his special relationship with Andy Warhol and his magical affect on others. Many never-before-seen photographs are included by important photographers, among them: Cecil Beaton, Francesco Scavullo, Billy Name, Jack Mitchell, John Hall, Elizabeth Heyert and Warhol himself. Opulent Restraint is a must have book for every interior design office and for those interested in the fascinating Warhol years in New York. Interior Design magazine called Johnson “a great talent” whose “spirit lives on in a stunning legacy of interior design.”
  Date Published 11/8/2005

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Rated By: painter "skg"
From: New York, NY
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Comments: The best gift ever
"Opulent Restraint" is THE book that you want to buy for all your friends or for anyone who truly loves and appreciates interior design. Arthur Dunnan is a true master! Additional information on Jed's/Arthur's unique style may be seen in "Designers on Designers."
Rated By: C. Gonzalez Bravo
From: Madrid, Spain
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: An indispensable guide
One of the best books in interiors design I've ever read. Beautifull photos that almost need no explanation and the feeling of not having enough of turning pages, waiting breathless to see what's next. Congratulations to his brother and to all who participated in this homage.
Rated By: Chris Cross
From: Unavailable
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Comments: A Glorious Piece of Work
Having recently read The Warhol Diaries and seeing pictures of the brothers Johnson in Scavullo's retrospective, I went in search of more information about them and found this title. First of all, the quality of the book is amazing, between the text, the photography, and the projects. Secondly, how incredible that Jed Johnson was self-taught. He clearly had a wonderful eye and an amazing talent to have created these dazzling spaces that function as homes while never seeming untouchable or cold. Opulent restraint, indeed. I never knew the man and yet, feel his loss keenly.