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 The Handbook of Painted Decoration: The Tools, Materials, and Step-By-Step Techniques of Trompe-L'Oe
The Handbook of Painted Decoration is the first book to cover the whole spectrum of trompe l'oeil decorative painting, from classic marbling and wood graining to ancient techniques of decorative painting that have been nearly forgotten. In this authoritative and practical guide, two distinguished teachers and award-winning artist-painters share their knowledge and the secrets of their trade, providing clear step-by-step instruction on all the techniques and expert advice on tools and materials. From the simplest geometric borders to panoramic murals, they cover every conceivable subject, providing an endless repertoire of clever visual effects. These include basic patinas and variations for aged, antiqued, colored, marbled, cloud-patterned, sponged, rag-rolled, and jaspered finishes; step-by-step instructions on the imitation of marble, brickwork, mosaics, ivory, terracotta, mother-of-pearl, leather, parchment, wood, and other materials; sections on decorative friezes, ornamental devices, and drapery, including striped and patterned voiles, silks, satins, velvet, brocades, and tapestries; and demonstrations of the decorative painting of trelliswork, glass engraving, grisaille, marouflage, stained glass, lacquerwork, and glass painting.
  Date Published 8/1/1996

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From: Kitchener,Ontario, Canada
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Comments: Excellent for experienced decorative painters
Originally published in French as a series of six books, `The Handbook of Painted Decoration' by Yannick Guegan and Roger Le Puil is an excellent reference book for experienced decorative painters. Yannick Guegan who authors the chapters on marble, wood, friezes and ornament has been in the business for thirty five years, has won numerous awards and is an excellent artist and teacher. Roger Le Puil, author of the chapters on basic patinas, finishes and forgotten techniques, is also an award winner, has painted extensively and has been involved with the French Association for Painting Training and the Paris Institute of Decorative Painting. The book consists of four hundred and fifty full colour pages of information, step by step demonstrations, and inspiring examples. This is a dense book; a lazy Sunday morning browse will only get you half way through it. Traditional European themes and techniques are emphasised with updated techniques for modern water based mediums. The finishes demonstrated are too numerous to be easily reviewed but I will say that the marbles are unique and dramatic, and the wood graining is fabulous. The Trompe L'oeil techniques demonstrated are basically architectural with a large section on fabric and drapery. I am prejudice but this book is beautiful enough to make a coffee table book for architects, designers, and artists of all kinds. It was a blind buy for me and I am not disappointed in the least by the book or by my first buying experience with Amazon. The book is well worth the price if you can learn from books and have enough experience to follow the examples.
Rated By: Rhonda Ruggieri
From: Los Angeles, Califonria
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Excellent source for faux and mural reference material
This book is a wealth of information and ideas for my mural and faux business. The richness and unique faux wood and marble and not only beautiful to look at but the color samples and instructions are very good. The book demonstrates a very high quality of work and creativeness. It is a great book for ideas and resource material for the artist who does faux and mural work. It is a must for your reference library.
Rated By: nora oswald "oznnora"
From: Catqasauqua, PA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Pretty, good book
This book is great for rendering faux marbles and some woods, but as a professional decorative painter, I was very disapointed with the level of artistry when it came to fieldstone, tortoise shell, and some others. It looked totally amaturish. Also, if you use watered down paint, as is recommended, you will have problems clearcoating without streaking your work. I have always found the use of glazing compounds a much better solution.
Rated By: Gitte Maack Rasmussen "gmaack"
From: Denmark
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very pleased with my purchase
If you like to learn new painting technics, and be inspired by others, this is a fantastic book.