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 Decorative Murals With Donna Dewberry With Donna Dewberry's help, even inexperienced do-it-yourself home decorators can turn any wall into a masterpiece! Donna has completed more than 1,200 custom decorative paint jobs for homes and businesses, perfecting a variety of surefire techniques along the way. In this book, she shares some of her favorite tricks and techniques for creating:
- trompe l'oeil murals
- floral designs and leafy garlands
- faux wood, marble and other finishes
- popular theme designs, including gardens, animals and European scenes
- and other grand ideas for painting foyers, doors, windows, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms ... practically every room in your home!

Just follow the illustrated, step-by-step directions for great, professional-looking results. The hardest part will be deciding which gorgeous effect you want to paint first. Donna helps there, too, offering expert advice on choosing the right effects and colors, along with answers to all your questions on surface preparation, tools, paints and more!

  Date Published 9/17/1999

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Comments: Great ideas, but not thorough enough for the beginner
I, like anyone who sees Donna Dewberry's works am amazed at her talent and technique. I had hoped that as a beginner I could use this book as a step by step process on how to build a mural...I was wrong. Donna does a great job of explaining things to those who are already adept at freehand paining, but for the beginner I feel that this book is too vague. There are a few sketches of an urn and a pillar, but the rest of her ideas are pretty much up to the reader to figure out how to freehand. I certainly will keep the book to look at and enjoy, but I'll have to look further for a step by step approach to murals (complete with patterns).
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Comments: This book is full of great ideas!
This book has some amazing ideas that could dress up any home. She has ideas for everything from a little girl's room to the laundry room. I used her design for the greek columns/grapes in my own kitchen. The results were wonderful! One note of caution: this book is for people who have some of Donna's other books as it lacks a lot of the step-by-step instructions and patterns that they have. I would suggest getting a feel for free-hand painting before attempting anything that this book has to offer.
Rated By: "polydee"
From: Hawaii
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Comments: Decorative Murals
As a professional artist/teacher, I was disappointed in this book. Currently, my high school class is working on a mural, and I needed some technical guidelines. This book is definately for the absolute beginner or hobbyist, who would like to decorate their home. If you are looking for artistic projects that are very easy, this is for you. However, if you're a serious muralist, who needs tips on proper media use, as well as transferring and enlarging, this book is a waste of time and money.
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Comments: I enjoyed this book
I am a new and inexerienced painter. I have many of Donna Dewberry's books and I enjoy them very much. This one gave me ideas of how I could paint flowers on the wall. I like that any one can paint flowers on the wall without stencils. Donna is very talented. The book has so many color photographs. This book should be purchased with one of her many other books explaining how to paint the flowers or whatever. This book does not go into how to paint flowers, but rather ideas and inspiration for one to paint their own mural. This book makes you want to get a bunch of paint and paint every room in the house!
Rated By: Kate O'Neill
From: New Jersey
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Comments: Long on inspiration, a little short on instruction
I loved this book for it's pictures and ideas. However, this is not a stand-alone book. In order to accomplish many of the projects in the book, you would need one of Donna's other more detail oriented books that would include the techniques necessary for painting each of the individual mural elements. I own many of Donna's books, but even so, was a little puzzled at how to go about recreating some of the pictured murals.

Nonetheless, I feel it is a wonderful book for ideas alone; and a number of techniques are detailed. It is a great jumping off point to unleash your own imagination!

One thing that I might mention is that it is not necessary to use the exact products that the author recommends in order to accomplish the desired results. She mentions that she uses products by Plaid Company, a very large craft product manufacturer. This company publishes Donna's line of smaller craft shop books, as well as other products in her One-Stroke line. While these are all good products, there are many other similar products on the market, particularly when it comes to paints.

This is just something to keep in mind if you arrive at the craft store and find another line of paints on sale for half price--your project will basically turn out the same!

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Comments: Depends on your point of view
If you a devoted One Stroker (those who watch her demonstrations on TV) and belong to her-on line-web site and have most of her beginner books and tips and go to her certification classes and use the paints and brushes she recommends you will not fully comprehend the value of this book and its contents. It is a wonderful guide to things that are possible.
Rated By: "shanmarie4"
From: VT
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Comments: Beautiful walls in every room!
Another excellent book by Donna Dewberry. This woman is an amazing artist who shows you step by step how to create beautiful murals for your home. If you don't think you are an artist, you must get Decorative Murals with Donna Dewberry. She makes it so simple that even the beginner can make a gorgeous masterpiece on their wall!

Decorative Murals starts out by showing you what materials you will need to complete every project in the book. Amazingly, it isn't a grand list of materials. Donna Dewberry strives for simple, yet extraordinary projects. She shows you what brushes are needed, what paints work best, and some other tools to make your job easier.

As the book continues, it is organized by rooms. For example, there are whole chapters dedicated to the foyer, stairs, walls, windows and doors, Kitchens, living rooms, etc. It is arranged so you can find the perfect project for any room you choose.

There is so much more offered in Decorative Murals, you'll just have to read it yourself! Be sure to check out the antiqueing tips, and don't forget you don't HAVE to only use these on your walls. They would make terrific gifts on slate, canvas, or wood!

Rated By: Janet Brooks
From: Imlay City, Michigan
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Comments: Splendid Ideas Photographed Perfectly
Being a huge Donna Dewberry fan, I was not at all surprised when I opened this book. The pictures are fabulous and Donna's murals provide the reader with a plethora of ideas for many aspects of home decorating. Donna's books seem to have a magical quality about them making even the novice painter feel as though he/she could paint anything!

However, after I was mesmorized by the artwork, I felt disappointed with the lack of directions for each project. All of the other Dewberry books give explicit instructions, worksheets and patterns, this one does not. After studying this book intensely, I was left with the feeling one gets while looking at an Art book, like " gosh, what a talented artist, I wish I could create like that." In otherwords, instead of inspiring me and building my confidence as her other books have done so consistently, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of my budding talent. I think I'll stick to her other books and just use this not for reference, but as an addition to my coffee table.

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Comments: Not typically Donna!
Donna Dewberry consistently produces fine detailed instructional books.........this book on murals is not much more than a "see what Donna did" book, the photographer did a brilliant job......... No patterns, no detail, I could care less what part of a house has these painted walls ,(content is divided by rooms). I bought the book to learn HOW she did it. Lot of pictures, beginners beware, you admire her, you wish to paint her technique, this book will tell you next to ZIP!
Rated By: KShaub
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Comments: Only for fans of Donna Dewberry
As a decorative artist I found this book somewhat revolting.Then again, I didn't know Donna Dewberry's work before.Well,she is great at the one stroke painting tecnique if that's what You like, You'll find some of that, but She can't draw at all.Wherever any basic drawing skills are required ,she just doesn't cut it.Her colors are in place though,and the book fills You in on the basics,here and there, but it's not detailed enough for a complete beginner, or would mislead him/her, and just useless for a pro.I keep it as a reference for clients, who like this folksy style,but I find it rather primitive.
Rated By: A. Ganino "MomTimesThree"
From: Madison, CT
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Comments: something better
Although this book was visually nice to look at I found it lacked in teaching me how to paint murals. I have stumbled across a great site that has free tutorials on it. I hope you find this helpful. The site is [...]