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 The Art Of Trompe L'oeil Murals Trompe l'oeil murals can turn even the most drab room into a beautiful work of art as enchanting as it is convincing and realistic. Now readers can learn how to capture that magic with The Art of Trompe l'oeil Murals.

Master muralist Yves Lanthier has decorated the homes of celebrities with his breathtakingly true-to-life paintings, but readers don't have to be rich or famous to benefit from his expertise. Step-by-step illustrations let readers watch as Lanthier's work comes alive, and will inspire them to create lush, highly sophisticated murals of their own using simple elements.

Seeing is believing, and this is one book readers won't want to take their eyes off of!

  Date Published 12/1/2004

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Rated By: Ruth J. Blake
From: Mount Dora, Fl
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The best trompe l'oeil book in my collection
This lovely book is inspiring as well as practical, whether you're looking for home design ideas or new artistic techniques. The hands on demonstration at the back of the book will make even a beginning artist feel that they can achieve professional results. I consider this the best trompe l'oeil book in my collection.
Rated By: Alvin
From: Australia
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: great book
This is a great book for those are interested in the pictures of the artwork. The artist has written this, and I found it a pleasure to read, as he doesnt take himself seriously like some others.
Book shows his Trompe paintings in some of the most glamorous homes in the U.S, so if you want inspiration for the middle class home, this may not be the best book for you (unless you have arched hallways and domes in your entrance foyer!) Most of the art is Marble and Stone looking work, as well as ornate plasters and a few landscape scenes. Also there are a couple of before and after shots.
There are four little easy to follow tutorials at the end for those inspired. A great coffee table book!
Rated By: Muriel Masse "art student"
From: Montreal, Canada
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: I was very impressed
I was very impressed to find this very nice book. I've heard about a Quebecois who painted for the popular singer Celine Dion (I'm from Quebec, Canada myself), I wanted to see and I'm very proud of it. Huge ceilings and wonderful murals ! Wow. Felicitations !
Rated By: Agustin Hurtado
From: New York
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: "to fool the eye or to fool yourself?
"To trick the eye" if that is your intention be objective ... this people do not" fool the eye"... they fool themselves, and you.
Rated By: San Diego Design Mind
From: San Diego, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Designer
This is a very nice coffee table book, and for a beginning art novice there are some "secrets". But, for artist with general high school level education this is little more than a nice picture book.
There is no discounting Yves Lanthier's skill or excellent creative ability but the few tips he gives are not for creating the Trompe L'oeil ceilings he exhibits in the book. Rather he shows simple stone / marble technique, a basic wall effect and basic light shading in the last fifteen pages of the book.
This is not a book the speaks to basic line and eye illusion of ceiling depth which I was looking for.
Rated By: Patricia Buzo
From: Burnsville, MN
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Awesome!
This is like a printed gallery of works with huge photos. Truely inspiring stuff! The only insy winsy problem is some of the photos look like they were poor quality, then blown up to fit the page so they're a little fuzzy. But most of them are beautiful! What really blows my mind is this guy was self taught!!