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 Painting Techniques & Faux Finishes Enjoy full-color photos of interior and exterior finishes, and learn how to successfully paint over 20 elegant, decorative effects yourself. You'll find basic materials and equipment needs, no-nonsense, step-by-step instructions, important surface preparations and an introduction to color theory.

Some of the basic techniques you can learn include color washing, sponging, tortoiseshell, or faux lacquer.

  Date Published 2/1/1999

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Comments: Painting Techniques & Faux Finishes
This book provides helpful information on how to create a wonderful faux finish on your walls and furniture. The first section deals with your paint selection, and the esential steps that are needed to have a well prepared surface, including patching and finishing wall cracks and damage. The book also provides a complete list of tools neccary for your project and shows pictures and decribes each one. The painting techniques are provided to create the finish of choice. The book was helpful for future projects. The cost was less than at my local store, and the pictures are excellent and close up to really view the finish. The only negative that could present a problem is it would be better to take a short class at a paint store for the real hands on, then procede with the instruction the book provides.
Rated By: allison taylor
From: orange county, california
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Comments: woohoo! can't wait to go buy some paint
Having never actually painted a wall before, I was quite intimidated by the necessity of finding the right tools and chemical combinations for a satisfactory turnout, but after reading this book I feel confident that the expertise of the authors will make my efforts a success. Starting with a chapter on tools and materials, the authors refer to numerous clear photographs of various brushes and describe care and maintenance, then go on to discuss the many types of paint solvents, pigments, binders, and other additives, which made me feel much more confident about requesting materials at my local hardware counter. Next they cover surface preparation steps for walls (both new and painted), woodwork, concrete, metal, plastic, and ceramic and give adequate details on paint mixing, estimating quantities, basic techniques for surface coverage. A short section on color theory will assist anyone not familiar with warm vs. cool tones and color combinations. Tips on mixing custom colors are also provided, and although it's hardly a guide for paint counter employees, it will show you how to achieve a brownish black instead of a bluish black (for example). Basic painting techniques covered include: aging and antiquing, color washing, rubbing, dragging, flogging, ragging, spattering, sponging, and stippling, and also cover small projects using more challenging techniques that imitate the look of tortoiseshell, faux lacquer, lapis lazuli, malachite, marbling, shagreen, and stone blocking. The exceptional photos really make this book stand out among how-to's, showing not only many step-by-step photos of the authors working close up, but many shots of finished interiors with informative but concise captions to fire your jets. Examples of well-designed paint finishes in bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and kitchens show how the same techniques you read about can be applied to floors, walls, cabinets, and other surfaces to liven up your rooms and play with visual perception. Being a devoted DIY-er, I appreciate experts who are willing to share trade secrets for great results. Now I know how to test my walls for latex vs. oil base paint, choose paint bases and mix in tints, how to choose brushes and keep them in great condition, how to prepare and prime my work surfaces, and how to create terrific effects and artwork on my walls. This would be a great addition to the library of any new homeowner who doesn't have the budget for hiring specialists to decorate but doesn't want boring solid-color walls with cutesy mass-produced wallpaper borders. For anyone just dying to get out the drop cloths and transform their living spaces, I recommend this gem as a reference manual and launch pad. Go look through interior decorating magazines, drool over the magnificent and unique treatments, then stop off at the paint counter and copy them. Even for amateur artists, this is the tool for making houseguests' jaws drop. And now, I'm off to take my fabric swatches to the paint counter!
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Comments: Faux Like a Pro
I enjoyed this book but found that it repeated information I could find online at sites like Faux Like a Pro -
Rated By: A. Ganino "MomTimesThree"
From: Madison, CT
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Comments: Creative Evolution
I found this book to be very simple but have found more practical techniques shown on Creative Evolution's website