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 The Complete Book of Decorative Painting As practical as it is inspirational, this guide is destined to become a decorative painting classic. It's packed with solutions to a range of painting challenges, covering everything from surface preparation to floating techniques to finishing. Information is presented in an easy-to-reference, question & answer scenario, so artists can find the help they need--fast. Full-color, step-by-step instruction clearly illustrates dozens of easy painting techniques. Painters will find complete answers to questions like these: * I can't draw a straight line. How can I paint? * I can't get the paint to go on smoothly. How do I prepare this surface? * My brushstrokes look wobbly. Help! * Where can I find ideas and inspiration? * How do I make my project look special? This guide leaves nothing to chance. It even features tips and techniques for making the most of classes and seminars, as well as a list of major conventions worldwide.
  Date Published 10/1/2001

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Rated By: robin grunzweig
From: mission viejo, ca
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Comments: The Complete Book of Decorative Painting
This book is a wonderful and well-written, easily understood reference book. Anything and everything you could ever want to know about decorative painting is in this book. Tera Leigh goes into great detail about brushes, paints, color theory, strokes, designing, techniques, surfaces - even how to find your own creativity. She lists resources, how to find classes, how to do faux finishes and how to use specialty brushes. This book would make an ideal gift for veteran painters or the "I think I might like to try painting" types. If you have a question about anything relating to painting, the answer is in this book!
Rated By: Genevieve
From: Ontario, Canada
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Comments: A must-have book for decorative artists

This book is truly deserving of the word "complete" in its title. Novice and experienced decorative artists alike will benefit from the wealth of information presented. I'm sure it will become one of the most-often used books on my shelf.

Rated By: Hal H Henry
From: Wrightwood, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The finest book of its kind I have reviewed
This book is the finest book of its kind I have ever reviewed. It is a step-by-step guide to decorative painting that is easy to read and follow. This book is a must for your reference library of decorative painting materials. With this book you have a master teacher at your fingertips. The photography and detail is outstanding and shows the care and thoughtfulness that went into the completion of this work of art. The color-coded pages make it easy to find and follow illustrations you require; and I agree with the comments on the back of the book by Priscilla Hauser and Donna Dewberry.
Rated By: T
From: Walnut Creek, CA
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Comments: Fabulous, from Start to Faux-Finish!
Ms. Leigh's book, unlike so many others entitled 'complete,' is the genuine article, and comprehensively surveys the many styles and techniques used in creating decorative paint effects for craft. Whether you are a complete beginner (like myself) or an experienced artist, this is the only resource book on the subject you will need. Beautifully illustrated and written in Ms. Leigh's informed and engaging style, The Complete Book of Decorative Painting is as enjoyable a read as it is a valuable guide to painting. Each technique is illustrated with step-by-step instructions (including technique tips such as how to hold the brush and recommended types of paint that many other publications overlook), an honest evaluation and rating of the skill required for each (so the novice painter can select projects more likely to produce satisfactory results), and interesting details on the origins and historical development of individual styles. If you get the chance to see Ms. Leigh in person, as I recently did, do so. She is as engaging in person as she is in print. Long a Martha Stewart wannabe, I was genuinely surprised as how simple some of these techniques actually are, and found Ms. Leigh's instructions clear, comprehensive and easy to follow. I recommend this book without reservation to anyone interested in decorative painting.
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
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Comments: Create professional quality results
Tera Leigh's Complete Book Of Decorative Painting (1581800622 ...) tells how to use color basics, brushes, and techniques to create professional quality results in crafts, home decoration, and projects. From lettering and faux finishes to brush techniques and antiquing options, this uses a reference and question/answer format along with color photos to encourage easy experimentation.
Rated By: Catherine Aliff "jddiva"
From: Ann Arbor, MI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A Great Reference
The Author, Tera Leigh, does a fantastic job "breaking down" decorative painting. The pictures and descriptions are fantastic. If you are contemplating starting decorative painting or just need a great reference, this is for you. Everything is broken down step by step and the diagrams, demos, and descriptions cannot be beat!