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 Decorative Designs : Over 100 Ideas for Painted Interiors, Furniture, and Decorated Objects "In this sumptuous paperback volume, Graham Rust, the accomplished painter and muralist, showcases his distinctive vision with one hundred decorative designs for every room in the house, including objects large and small, from cupboards and firescreens to delicate miniature boxes, as well as grand mural schemes for whole rooms, executed on panels and walls. The result is both an enchanting world of exotic and colorful interiors and a practical sourcebook of ideas for amateur and professional decorators alike. Some items, such as stationery, bookplates and monograms, are suitable for everyday personal use, while a few are frankly whimsical, such as the chinoiserie dog kennel or the cocktail tray with a design of jewel-like frogs. In his previous acclaimed book on mural painting, The Painted House, Rust fulfilled his dream project of muraling an entire mansion, room by room. In Decorative Designs, he expands his vision, presenting ideas with practical application for an entire range of objects that can personalize any home, large or small. Lavishly illustrated in color throughout with original sketches alongside finished works, Decorative Designs offers a breathtaking vista of creative ideas from one of the world's leading decorative artists. A must for interior designers and decorative painters, it cannot fail to inspire anyone who dreams of creating a uniquely beautiful home."
  Date Published 3/1/2000

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Comments: An enjoyable and inspirational book!
In this enjoyable volume, English muralist and painter Graham Rust transforms everyday objects into whimisical and unusual works of art. From panelled screens to placemats, headboards to overdoor ornamentation, Rust's highly personal style, occasionally quirky point of view, and amazingly developed illustrative ability shine. Primarily visual, the book does not offer much by way of instruction or technique; nevertheless it is an inspiration. Many of the illustrations could be adapted to other design situations. I particularly appreciate his studies of drapery and exquisitely rendered botanicals. An interesting and useful addition to the reference library of the illustrator, muralist and painter, as well as those in interior design.
Rated By: P.J. Whitter
From: Virginia
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Comments: Useless and frustrating
If this had been created and written as a coffee table book designed simply to show how a fine artist created lovely painted finishes, that would be OK. But it is "billed" as an "idea" book for ordinary people. Created by a fine artist who obviously has no clue as to what the rest of us can actually DO, this book is useless and frustrating.
Rated By: Jill Clausen
From: Houston, TX
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Uninspired
The pictures and ideas were fabulous, However, The book lacks any instruction. These creations are not for beginners nor mildly experienced decorative painters.