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 2006 National Painting Cost Estimator 2006 National Painting Cost Estimator (Estimating Series)
  Date Published 10/1/2005

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Rated By: Sirwriter "Small paint contractor"
From: New Orleans
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Comments: Better for larger companies
If you are a medium to large sized company without an estimator this book is for you. I am a sole proprietor without employees and want to stay that way. In some areas the costing methods for me are inflexible. For example, all the cost books are made up with contractors getting 20, 30, or 40% discount on their paint. I have to pay retail. The program won't allow me to modify the cost sheets for me. However there is a wealth of information in here primarily all on how to cost out a job and add in overhead, profit, and a burden rate for payroll. It is very well written. Just not for the little guy.
Rated By: J-Ro "Jeliz"
From: Worcester, MA
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Comments: Difficult
This book is extremely difficult to understand. Examples used are repeated throughout every page of the book and it doesn't make much sense. I believe the person who wrote the book understands it (I hope) and anyone that owns a company may. If you are a free-lancer, this book is not for you.
Rated By: B. C. Wallace "kaskon"
From: Hawke's Bay NEW ZEALAND
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Comments: kaskon paint contractor- New Zealand
I am also a sole proprietor, this book is a serious Maths/Process approach to Painting and probably will be a daunting effort to understand. I kept reading this book, at first it annoyed me allot but I soldiered on through, and now incorporate varying hourly rates into my quotes & estimates. Concerning the 20, 30, or 40% discount on your paint as stated in the manual I agree with Reviewer: Sirwriter "Small paint contractor" (New Orleans) this part is inflexible, so I type my quote/estimates using Lotus word pro and add these percentages back in to the Math. After reading the manual I realised how cheap I was selling my services so I called Lawyers, Car dealers, Accountants, other industrial tradesmen and men/women who work in different industries, this gave me an idea on what the other Trades are getting on an hourly basis and then I typed this information into an easy to read format, so if I'm asked why I charge the rate I do, I give them a printout on what everyone else is getting, It soon sorts out the ambiguity of my pricing structure. All in all this book gave me an Idea as to how I perform my practice, now I break everything down into a process and look for ways to streamline my work.