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 Dorm Room Feng Shui: Find Your Gua > Free Your Chi ;-)We’ve Feng Shui-ed the home and the office. Now it’s time for this ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangement and orientation to take on the greatest challenge of all — the dorm room. Fifteen million kids go off to college each fall, laden down with bedding, wall hangings, computer, books, clothes, stereo, mini-fridge, photos, etc. — and they are determined to cram it all into one very small dorm room. The problem is compounded when the roommate shows up with an equal pile of stuff.

How do you make a dorm room comfortable and conducive to everything from sleeping to studying to socializing? When confronted with this dilemma in her own tiny, first-year dorm room, author Katherine Olaksen called for help — and feng shui answered. In Dorm Room Feng Shui, Olaksen presents quick, cheap, and innovative feng shui fixes designed to cure any student’s troubles.

A nine-second quiz helps zero in on the life issues that need the most attention, from roommate relationships to career choices, and the corresponding areas of the dorm room to focus on. Light-hearted yet practical text offers simple suggestions for changing the flow of chi (energy) in the room to help ease the problem areas.

The result is a more inviting dorm-room environment, and a charging up of chi, which, according to feng shui theory, will help improve study habits, pump up social life, soothe roomie relations, and even inspire some organizing and clean-up. This is a book that is as irresistible to read as a horoscope, and heaven knows, could prove to be uncannily accurate.
  Date Published 6/1/2005

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Rated By: sunny mommy
From: boston, ma
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: perfect hi-school grad gift
I was so happy to find this book! My daughter really liked the quiz and found it so helpful as a starting point to figuring out how to set up her dorm room....also sent one to her roommate-to-be so they could connect for the first time. It was a great way for them to sketch out how they wanted their room and share some conversations and ideas.

Highly recommend keeping a few on hand to have as gifts for those kids experiencing dorm life....
Rated By: davismavis
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Not just for dorm rooms...
I've picked up several books on Feng Shui over the years, but often quickly lose focus and interest when it starts seeming too complicated. Not with this book! The writers have come up with a nifty little manual that gives college students (and all of us!) basic info on feng shui principles. It's written in a fun, easy to understand style and has graphics that appeal to everyone's inner college student. I particularly liked the "3 Minute Questionnaire" which gives quick answers on where one needs help and all of the "for under 99 cents" Gua Fixes. Kids of all ages can use this book, because the 'sharing a dorm room' ideas can easily be translated to kids who are sharing bedrooms at home.
Rated By: Otter
From: Nashville, TN
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Fab Feng Shui
I loved this book! The information is presented in a fun way, without being oversimplified. And even though I don't live in a dorm room, I was able to apply the theories to make my home a better place to hang out. It even inspired me start decluttering before I finished the book!
Rated By: Samantha L.
From: Hattiesburg, MS
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: great ideas for any space
This is something fresh and new - there's very little out there to recommend the best way to decorate and arrange dorm rooms, and this book fills that void. Written with a breezy, light touch, it's chock full of helpful ideas and tips on how best to maximize that tricky living space of a dorm room. There's plenty of charts and illustrations to help you grasp the concepts, which is great for those visual learners out there. It also emphasizes the role of choice and intention in our lives, and that's an important thing for any college student to consider.

I believe this book can be used as a helpful guide for any living space, and I'm incorporating the ideas into my own shared living space - a soon to be husband! This would be a great gift for your favorite graduate or friend.
Rated By: Kansas Chemist
From: Kansas
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great for the Recent High School or College Grads!
This refreshing new look at Feng Shui is both easy to understand and fun to read. With plenty of diagrams for simple reference and Easy 1,2,3 Fixes, it is easy to pick up this book and flip to the section in which you need the most help. The book is great for recent graduates from high school or college because it doesn't require a lot a reading on top of schoolwork. The simple strategies are perfect for two (or more!) roommates just beginning to live together. Highly recommended to all!
Rated By: E. Slaughter-Ek
From: Sweden
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Breezy and enjoyable
Dorm Room Feng Shui a breezy and extremely readable book about feng shui for college students living in dorm rooms, and I wish I'd had a copy when I was in college, although to be fair, I'm a bit skeptical of the whole feng shui thing, or at least skeptical of the extremes to which I've heard some people enthuse about it. Regardless, a great deal of it seems to be common sense, and since there's a sad lack of that these days, I'm all for anything that genuinely helps people better themselves and their space. While I was reading it, I found myself thinking a few things. One: that I seemed to have been already intuitively incorporating a great deal of balance in my surroundings, according to the basic principles of feng shui. Two: that I wanted to know more and find out how the elements described in the book for small one-room living situations apply to large sprawling ranch-style houses like ours. Then I stopped halfway through and scribbled a list of things I wanted to improve and do during the next 2 weeks. This morning, I picked the book up again before I got out of bed and finished reading it, and then I jumped up, energized, and CLEANED THE WHOLE DARN HOUSE.
Rated By: Cicero
From: Philadelphia
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: dorm room must
My niece loved this book! A great book for anyone wanting a little guidance in making the dorm into a homey space. You don't even have to believe in Feng Shui, just think of it as helping transform sterile into spiritual.