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 Feng Shui Dos & Taboos The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is one of today's hottest topics in home decorating and self-help. In a fun-to-read A-Z format, Wong delivers over 350 practices, principles, and proverbs of feng shui with a focus on the simple and the practical. From antiques and aquariums to water and wind chimes, this browser-friendly reference offers easy, concrete ways to promote harmony, balance, and happiness. The hand-size trim makes this book an appealing gift.
  Date Published 8/9/2000

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Rated By: Samba "santacruzgirl"
From: Santa Cruz, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: best beginner book around - great gift
This is an excellent beginner book and is nice and small so it is easy to read in the bath-tub. I have given a bunch of my friends this book who are interested in learning about feng shui. It does not overwhelm them and isn't expensive. They can look up topics alphabetically and get simple instructions. Now they have gained more interest in feng shui and have moved on to more complex books. For such a small book, it contains more information than a lot of larger books because it concise and straight-forward.
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Provides over 400 quick tips
More for the home collector than the lending library is Feng Shui Do & Taboos. A short-statured paperwork which provides over 400 quick tips on improving career, health and relationships based on Feng Shui principles. From the display of statues and bells to dining room arrangements, Feng Shui Do & Taboos covers many basics and is recommended for those with some prior knowledge of Feng Shui terms and principles.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Perfect Book for understanding the art of Feng Shui
Prior to Angi Ma Wong's book, little else I read about Feng Shui was as easy to understand. She clearly explains the fundamentals of the practice, the history and how the art of placement affects all of our lives. Unlike other Feng Shui books, Angi gives you quick tips so that you can start practicing Feng Shui right now! The book is the best way to approach Feng Shui because as the saying goes, "You learn by doing". The tips are endless and you will find projects for every room in your home and every aspect of your life. I never expected so much info! It is a steal!
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The silliest tips on Feng Shui
While not purported to be a very serious look at Feng Shui - it still is one of the silliest books I've seen. Most of the information in there has nothing to do with Feng Shui and the few items that do are not adequately explained to the reader as to why or how you should do something. The author is also found on many Feng Shui websites as being a fraud because she is associated with a relatively new school Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Buddhist School of Feng Shui - founded about 20 years ago. While I find nothing offensive about this school of Feng Shui it is not considered very accurate and traditional but rather something adapted to sell in the Western culture. While I am Western - I live in Hong Kong - the Feng Shui capital of the world. I bought a series of books to begin to understand the practice - as almost all buildings here are developed / designed with Feng Shui in mind. My Chinese friends and staff laughed at this book. I keep it in my guest room as a coaster on the bed table.
Rated By: Ruth A. Caldwell
From: Alameda, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Big things come in little packages...
I am just starting to explore this subject.So far this book is the easiest to understand. The intro is short and concise, then into the book you go. It's been fun to share with my hubby. Now when I study on about Feng Shui, I'll feel less overwhelmed. It was actually easy once I made my chart! Great gift too!
Rated By: "magic-garden"
From: Peekskill, NY
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Buy "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" Instead
Few suggestions in this book come with any reasoning behind them. If you are the type of person who likes to understand the reasoning behind given suggestions - don't bother with this one. If you can blindly follow directions, without knowing why - go for it. In summary, it's a quick read and may serve to spark someones interest in the subject but that's all folks.
Rated By: B. Cats "babycatscloset"
From: east coast
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A Supplement to Your Feng Shui Book Collection
This is a handy little book with quick tips to SUPPLEMENT your collection, otherwise, I would NOT recommend this to be an introduction to Feng Shui. It would seem strange and "silly", as commented by another reviewer, if you don't at least have background knowledge. I would recommend "The Western Guide to Feng Shui" By Terah Kathryn Collins, and/or "Feng Shui for Dummies" by the for Dummies series. These two books will introduce you to the concepts and also teach you ways to use this ancient art to enhance certain areas of your life. One caveat, there are many different "schools" of Feng Shui out there. For this reason, I highly recommend the for Dummies series as it uses a combination of all the schools of thought and does so in a simplified manner that anyone could master. I've purchased many books on the subject and started to become confused and inundated while learning of the different schools of thought. It can become quite discouraging in this way. My advice is to stick to one school of thought, or, as I said before, try the for Dummies series. Again, one last word for this book, it's a quick reference and not a comprehensive guide. I recommend it only if you've had some exposure to the art. It has many handy and quick hints.
Rated By: "cuteguard"
From: Sudbury, Ontario
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very Practical
This book is very basic. Bought some candles? Flip to the candle section and it will tell you where you should put them. Same goes for just about every other item as well (mirrors, plants...) Everything is in alphabetical order
Rated By: Judith A. Murphy "Jewels"
From: Andover, MA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A little less book that I anticipated ....
I felt a little like I was reading a small children's book, the size is about 4x4, one focus point per page. It's ok .....
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great quick reference guide
Of all the Feng Shui books we own, We use this little book much more frequently then any of the others. I keep in the kitchen drawer and refer to it all the time. My other Feng Shui books stay on the shelf and are rarely used after I have read them. but this little book is such a quick easy organized book that we refer to it all the time. Questions from my family are easily answered, like "I just got this plant at the nursery, where is the best location?" It takes me just a second to look it up instead of an hour checking larger feng shui books that are not organized well. It is a great practical quick reference for anyone who enjoys Feng Shui
Rated By: "grnjade77"
From: Garden Grove, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Cute Little Book
This is a cute little book that is definately geared to those who practice "Compass" forms of Feng Shui. Some of the tips made me chuckle and some I marked for reference and possible usage. For what ever form of Feng Shui you practice, I'd say some, or a good many of Ms. Wong's do's and don't's are adaptable to your form, but the book does require some knowledge and back ground in Feng Shui, or you might be instituting the wrong cure. This little book has a somewhat more light-hearted approach then I expected, but it is a good antidote to those ponderous and deadly dull Feng Shui authors/practitioners who think they know it all and spend their time intolerantly bashing anyone who does not practice their exact form of Feng Shui. I would still highly recommend Karen Rauch Carter and Stephen Skinner for your first forays into Feng Shui, and after you become more proficient Ms. Wong's book will have it's place.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Mini Glossary
Feng Shui Dos & Taboos is like the glossary that you wish the big Feng Shui books had in the back pages. Though a little pricey for the amount of content, it's ok as a quick answer guide.
Rated By: Ashley Ellis
From: Ft Lauderdale, FL
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great supplemental reference guide
This book is best used as a quick reference guide to Feng Shui! It's fun to read through and full of information, but it's not meant to be an introductory book for beginners. It's great as a reference though, it's super easy to look up information on the fly.
Rated By: Wojtek Klimczyk
From: Middletown, CT
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great Book On Feng Shui PERIOD!
I practice the Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui method but this book covers the Compass method also. After reading this delightful little book I realized that I had many changes to do in my home. Some of the other books I have read on Feng Shui were not as clear as this one is. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who practices any type of Feng Shui because it is easy to use and understand, I do however recommend that you download a picture of the Bagua to assist you in your practice.

Best Wishes,
Wojtek Klimczyk
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