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 Great Carpet Cover-up: The Book That Exposes Consumer Fraud and Guides You around It!the subtitle: "The Book That Exposes Consumer Fraud And Guides You Around It!" explains the thrust of the book. It is a consumer's guide to carpeting and was supported by Cal-Perg (Ralph Nader's California consumer advocate organization).

Both the present and past president of the California Carpet Cleaning Institute has endorsed this book.

What You Don't Know About Your Carpet Is Costing You Thousands of Dollars!

These days nearly everyone has carpet in his or her home and you probably do too. Wall to wall carpet is as common today as a car in the driveway or a television set in the living room. After a home and an automobile it is the third most expensive investment made in your lifetime.

The majority of people today know very little about this expensive investment. The sad truth is that less than one percent of the population knows enough about carpeting to make the proper choice of purchase, or even the best method of cleaning.

Ten years of research into consumer floor covering problems has made author Robert L. Selby one of the most knowledgeable men in his field. His experiences with home owners, renters, real estate and property management firms have brought into focus the tremendous lack of knowledge that the consumer has in regard to their floor covering., he also has uncovered widespread fraud, incompetence and deceptive advertising by carpet retailers and so-called "professional" carpet cleaners.

"Knowledge is the key to protection", states the author. So it is through this book that you, the consumer, may be aided in all phases of floor covering... from purchases to sots and stains and every thing in between. The Great Carpet Cover-Up may well be one of your most important possessions.

  Date Published 6/1/1982

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