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 Color Harmony: Fabric Harmony: A Decorating Guide to Creative Fabric and Color Combinations for the

As part of Rockport’s best-selling Color Harmony ™ series, this book will enable both the professional interior designer as well and the average home decorator to transform and update nondescript rooms and furniture in a flash. By providing the reader with twelve decorating styles from which to choose, the process of combining just the right color, texture, and pattern for curtains, pillows, and upholstery, is made easy. Packed with expert design advice from the pros and over 400 fabric and pattern combinations to choose from, this book is the ultimate resource for creating style and atmosphere in your home. Each chapter includes the trademarked Color Harmony palettes, as well as the lifestyle associations of certain fabrics, the artistic, historic, and design origins of fabric combinations, and the specific moods that particular fabrics can evoke.

Whether it's viscose or velvet, broadcloth or brocade, choosing the right fabrics for a home can be overwhelming. From hemp to silk to manufactured fibers, the quality, texture, and patterns available today are astounding. Fabric Harmony is intended as a road map to guide you through the countless options; help you identify fabrics and their appropriate uses; and inspire you in utilizing fabrics throughout your home to create a mood that is right for you.

Each fabric has its own look and feel, a certain weight in the hand. Fabrics can stand alone or in combination to add a unique life, texture, motion, and emotion to a room. They can transform a monochromatic look from flat to flirtatious, make a modern, bold statement, or create a restful retreat from the outside world.

Home decorating with fabric is easy and rewarding. Simple accents such as pillow coverings, draperies, slipcovers, and tablecloths provide quick ways to add color to or change the mood of a room. More dramatic presentations such as floor-to-ceiling chintz, a treasured tapestry wall hanging, or an exotic canopied bed can create other worlds within a room. Fabrics can be modern, exotic, and on the cutting edge of design trends, or classic, refined, and enduring. They can be feminine or masculine or a combination of the two. Color palettes can range from cool, with overall neutrals, crisp whites, and watery pastels, to hot, featuring spicy flavors, robust earth hues, or rich jewel tones. In other words, designing with fabric is only as limited as your own imagination.

Fabric Harmony provides all the essential information of fabric types and content; demonstrates new ideas for designing with fabric—choosing colors, combining patterns, and introducing texture—for the look you want; and inspires the designer within to transform every room of the home with fabric. It is a compass that points the way to discovering styles to suit any space, any personality, and any lifestyle and guides you in creating the mood that you envision. Get inspired, get creative, and get started.

  Date Published 3/1/2002

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