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 Tile Your World: John Bridge's New Tile Setting BookJohn Bridge's book has the kind of depth and breadth of information that we are sold on.
  Date Published 12/20/2003

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Rated By: RM
From: Central Il
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Comments: Excellent resource, great confidence builder
This book is more than just a how-to book. Between this book and the author's web-site full of friendly people and helpful advice, the average DIYer will find the knowledge and confidence to tackle nearly any tile project. If funds aren't an issue or you are a book junkie like me, I'd recommend you own this book and "Setting Tile" by Michael Byrne as both books cover different subjects to different depths, but if you only buy one book, "Tile Your World" by John Bridge is the one to own.
Rated By: Ms. Lead
From: Earthquake Central, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Can you go wrong?
This book is an excellent read. Not only is it informative, but it is also filled with the type of humor us "weekend warriors" love. As someone who's never laid tile before, I've found myself enlightened with new insight and knowlege in the trade after reading this terrific book. If you take the time to read it and not just glaze over it - especially the important parts - I don't see how you could go wrong with any tile project you choose to tackle!
Rated By: S. Hall
From: Austin, TX
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Comments: Must-have book for any tile project
I think I've read this book 5 or 6 times now. Although organized in chapters by subject, this is not a step-by-step book necessarily. Reading it cover to cover will give you an enormous amount of necessary information for your project. If you are new to tile, or want to refine your skills, this is a great book. It will give you tremendous confidence as you start your project.
Rated By: Andrew H. Lewis
From: Columbus, OH
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Comments: Great tip and step by step for all tile projects!
This book has been invaluable in my bathroom remodel. It contains many tips by the experts and scientific justification for other aspects of tile setting. A must have for the more advanced tile setting projects and a definite must for shower installs.
Rated By: Greg Langdon
From: Louisville, KY
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Comments: Real hands-on advice from an expert
I'm midway through remodeling a 50 year old house, and I've become something of a connoiseur of these do-it-yourself books. A lot of books from this genre provide a basic description of the work involved but gloss over the details. These often seem to have been written by someone who writes for a living, and who may or may not own a hammer or a drill themselves.

Tile Your World is one of the best, perhaps THE best DIY books I've read. The author John Bridge has clearly and thoroughly documented what he's learned during his hands-on career as a tile guy.

The book contains the requisite sections on tools, types of tiles, substrates, etc. Where it excels is in its detailed discussion of the subtleties associated with tiling walls, floors, showers, outdoor surfaces, kitchen backsplashes, etc. By way of example, the section on tiling a shower spans over 100 pages and includes over 100 photos. Along the way you'll get advice on everything from plumbing updates to what to do if you discover termites during tearout of the old shower.

The text is consistently readably and often amusing as well. It's worth at least a dollar or two of the purchase price just to read John's advice on how to select fine wines, buried as it is within the discussion on how to ensure that the slope of a shower floor is correct.

Finally, I have to heap a bit more praise on the tiling discussion forums that John runs on his web page. I gather that I'm not allowed to mention the URL in this review, but it should be *painfully* obvious given the title of the book. Like the book, the quality of the advice provided on the discussion forums rises well above the (relatively low) standard for the DIY industry. Imagine novice tilers posting questions about complex issues, and actually getting timely and detailed responses from industry practitioners who seem to really know their stuff.

My hat's off to the author of Tile Your World, and if he's ever in my neck of the woods here in Kentucky, he's more than welcome drop by and use my newly-tiled bathroom.
Rated By: Ken Walsh
From: Tucson, AZ
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Comments: A Must Buy...,
Doing tile right takes a bit of time and a bit of money. Most "do-it-yourself" books will give short shrift to tile laying, put in some pretty pictures and make it look easy. And they your tile will pop up or crack five years later. Tile should last decades. And sometimes it can take a lot of work to prepare a surface, and some surfaces shouldn't even be tiled at all. With that in mind, finding good information and digesting it is a must before taking any steps.

John Bridge's book does a top notch job of covering a wide variety of tiling specifics and generalities. In addition to all the gory details he has a motivating "can-do" writing style that encourages success. Furthermore, his online website and tiling forums are an amazing resource and clearly demonstrate his willingness to make a major contribution to both professional and do-it-yourself tiling laying.

Do yourself a favor, get this book and Michael Byrne's "Setting Tile" before doing a thing. A 15-minute Home Depot "how-to" seminar can be a dangerous thing - get real useful info instead.