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 Haley's Cleaning Hints Hot on the heels of the international best- selling home reference bookHaley's Hints (over 500,000 hardcover copies sold!), and in response to an overwhelming demand for cleaning tips, comes Graham and Rosemary Haley's brand new book Haley's Cleaning Hints.

Here are over 1000 ways to clean and organize your home and possessions using regular household products with multiple cleaning and stain-removing abilities…Haley's Household Heroes!:

  • Tarnished silverware cleans itself in 10 seconds
  • Pet accident on carpet leaves no trace of odor
  • Red wine stain disappears in 5 seconds
  • Clean vegetables of pesticides and pests easily, cheaply and naturally.
  • A special section on home-made cleaning products makes cleaning quick, simple, and affordable. Some even say fun!
Destined to become a classic around the home, this sturdy and humorous guide also makes a great gift.
  Date Published 4/6/2004

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Rated By: Joanna Daneman
From: Middletown, DE
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Comments: Everything you need for safe cleaning
In addition to the usual good tips for cleaning stains and silverware, this book is especially valuable for the section on home-made cleaning products.

Look at your grocery store bill; if you bought cleaner for your glass and surfaces, your bathroom and your kitchen, you may have paid a lot! Why not make your own cleaners from recipes in this book. You'll save money and even make a safer, more wholesome cleaning product. Especially good if you have asthma and can't tolerate perfumes or scents.

Also good is the recipe for fruit and vegetable wash. It's a good habit to get into to wash your produce before using. All in all, this is a very useful and fun book to use and read.

Rated By: K.R. Davis
From: Loudon, TN
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Comments: Best Wedding Present I Received!
We received this book as a wedding present a couple of months ago, and it is the best gift we got! There are all kinds of wonderful ideas in here--a whole section on caring for different types of flooring (wood, linoleum, tile), cleaning anything you can imagine, a stain removing bible. . .it has everything. This book is going to become my standard wedding present to new couples. This is second only to a phonecall to mom.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Don't waste your money on this book
The book is difficult to follow, poorly organized, and severely lacking in useful information.
Rated By: Janis Jaquith
From: Charlottesville, VA
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Comments: Repentant Slob
Given the choice between, say, scrubbing my broiler pan and taking a nap, I'll take the nap, every time.

But wait -- I got my hands on a copy of this book last week (I'm a sucker for anything PBS) and I'm a new woman. Not only have I been dipping my own silver stuff in that miraculous tarnish-dissolving bath...

(a basin of hot water plus a hefty tablespoon of Calgon water softener and another tablespoon of salt, plus a sheet of submerged aluminum foil, lining the bottom of the basin -- dip your candlestick, making sure it touches the aluminum foil, and shazaam! it's shiny)

...but now I'm actually BORROWING tarnished silver from other people just so's I can play in the sink and make stuff shine.

I think I have a new hobby. Today's project is to discover the original enamel under all the cooked-on gunk on my broiler pan. (One of my recurring fantasies is to be so rich some day that I can toss out my broiler pan after every use and get a new one. If this works, I'll be needing a new fantasy.)

-- Janis Jaquith, Public-Radio commentator and author of BIRDSEED COOKIES: A FRACTURED MEMOIR

Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Rated By: "the_donster"
From: Montpelier, VT
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley saved my day!
Do you ever feel just like giving up after scrubbing and scrubbing and the stain won't come up with the "new and improved" expensive cleaning product you just bought? Yeah, well I did many times - until I read this gem of a book. Talk about a lifesaver - not the candy, this book!

I had some apple cranberry juice stains that were blood red on my sheets that the cleaners couldn't do anything with - after reading this book I added a homemade mixture specified by Graham Haley and presto they're as good as new. Not to beat a dead horse, but this book should be on everyone's book shelf for eternal reference - a killer helper!

Rated By: Susan F. Willnus
From: New Russia, NY
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Comments: Away with Toxic Chemicals
It's amazing how well Haley's suggestions work. Why buy chemicals that could ruin your family's health when you can use these simple items already around the house that will work even better. Graham Haley gives solutions that are priceless.
Rated By: Harold McFarland
From: Florida
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Comments: The Perfect Compendium for the Household
"Haley's Cleaning Hints" is a follow-up to the original "Haley's Hints" which sold over 400,000 copies. The most popular section of the original book was the one on cleaning. As a result the Haleys compiled "Haley's Cleaning Hints".

This book contains thorough instructions for cleaning just about anything you might encounter. From specific stains like fruit juice and ink to specific products like chewing gum, to specific items like garden tools or barbeque grills, it covers just about any cleaning problem. Best of all, most of the procedures involve using ordinary household items like baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar. "Haley's Cleaning Hints" is a highly recommended purchase for anyone seeking a reference book on cleaning anything quickly and easily with common household products.

Rated By: "ndwheeler"
From: Sacramento, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley's Cleaning Hints
I ordered and paid for this book in November 2003 and have yet to receive it and it is now March 24, 2004. I have e-mailed bibliophiliacs on at least three occassion but they have yet to relpy to any of my e-mails.

I will never do business with this organization again is they do their business this way.

Rated By: Joseph S. Maresca
From: Bronxville, New York
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley's Cleaning Hints
This book is perfect for the person who likes to keep old
possessions looking new. There are a plethora of hints including
"how to do the following" :

o clean tile with a toothbrush and toothpaste
o remove white chalk with hosiery
o clean with vinegar
o make copper look new with water and salt followed by an
application of lemon polish
o soak red wine with a paper towel and remove with borax and
o remove tea stains with baking soda
o clean silver with hot water, salt and water softener
o remove wax from the carpet with hairdryer heat and soften wax
until removal on a paper towel
o remove bath stains with hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar
o remove chocolate stains with water softeners stirred in water
o remove ink with hairspray and soap

These are just a few of the helpful hints described in the book.
The presentation is easy to read. This acquisition is a must
if you seek to preserve household goods in virtual perpetuity.
The work is a solid value for the money spent.

Rated By: M. G. Benson "MBtheTD"
From: Winston-Salem, NC
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Our Go-To "Cleaning Reference" Book
Saw Mr. Haley on a PBS station and bought the book out of curiosity. It has become our go-to book for cleaning. In addition to his suggested cleaning methods being environmentally friendly, the space we use to store cleaning supplies has shrunk dramatically. Our friends now literally call us up to find out ways to get wax out of carpet, stains out of carpet, etc. If half of the book's contents are useful to you, it is money well spent.
Rated By: D. Libel
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Terrific Cleaning Tips!
Terrific household cleaning hints ! Every hint I've tried so far has produced much better & quicker results than the more expensive storebought cleaning products.
First purchased "Haley's Hints", also good reading. This time bought 3 copies of "Haley's Cleaning Hints", two will be gifts for daughter and a friend.
Rated By: Tim Janson
From: Michigan
Rating: Rating Average
I've heard Rosemary Haley's cleaning tips for years on the radio as she was a frequent guest on a local afternoon talk show. Her tips helped my wife and I out of more than one bind in the past. This book is a must have if you have children. You know that however much you might expect everything, that somehow your little ones will find a way to make a brand new mess that has to be cleaned whether it's crayon on your new tile floor or refrigerator or fruit snacks smashed into your carpet. The Haley's remind that preventing the mess from happening is the best way to stop a mess in the first place. Well that's common sense but as we all know, not always practical.

Their book is sectioned by cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, floors and carpets, furniture, walls, laundry, even outside the home. While the book didn't suggest a message for those fruit snacks, the method for cleaning gum from carpets worked just as well. Food stains, pet stains, paint, and yes...they even cover getting out crayon marks! What a relief! If it can be cleaned, you will find a way to clean it in this very comprehensive book.

Besides these direct cleaning tips the book also provides advice on buying cleaning items, tools, and having kids actually ENJOY helping out. Now that is a miracle! Well done book that any homeowner should have and that anyone with children MUST have!
Rated By: Stain Queen
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: My Laundry Bible
When I saw Graham Haley on PBS, I had to get this book, and I am sure glad I did. It has saved us so much money with it's great advice on laundry stains. Clothes that would have been ruined otherwise came out perfectly clean by using the advice in this book. In addition to laundry advice, it has great timesaving advice on things like cleaning tarnished silver without polishing. This book as totally paid for itself with its great advice.
Rated By: Syed T Haider
From: Chicago
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley's Cleaning Hints
Nice book. Had been looking for it since watching it on WTTW11. Price of the book is a little high considering the quality of paper. But any case the book itself is very helpful and i would recommend for reading.
Rated By: Ruthann Dreyer "thanniedo"
From: Michigan City, IN
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very Useful Cleaning Tips
This book has an answer to almost any cleaning situation. I had tried a few and they work! Got my mustard stain to come out. I would recommend this be a staple in any household. The information is very helpful and really does the job.
Rated By: M. Maxfield
From: American Fork, UT
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley's Cleaning Hints
This book has many ideas to help clean things with simple ingrediants that I did not know about. Is very helpful with great ideas.
Rated By: Gina
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Haley's Cleaning Hints
I was very well pleased with this book and would recommend it to any one. But I am very disappointed they I did not receive Natural Cures, They Don't Want You to Know About, that was order on the same date even tho it was charged to my credit card.
Rated By: Mark Atkinson
From: Utah
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Learn to clean well, without harsh chemicals
After watching the Haley's Hints special on PBS, we purchased the DVD and the cleaning hints book. How does this guy learn all this stuff?!

Perhaps he is just bringing old knowledge back that we should all know but don't. But, everything we have tried so far has worked well. The silver cleaning is especially useful by using salt, water softener and water. I doubt there is anything on the market that cleans silver this well and certainly not for this price.

There are many other helpful "hints" and worth the price of purchase. We bought used on Amazon which made it even that much better.

Great product that I highly recommend.
Rated By: Vonny "vonstermommy"
From: Santa Clara, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Fun Book
Yes, cleaning is now fun! Ive had a housecleaning team for the past 8 years so I wasnt that interested in these types of books until I saw Haley on TV for KQED. He had so many ideas for organization that went beyond mopping the floors. The biggest money saving tip was removing marker on the walls (from my 2 year old) with hairspray.
Rated By: Ed Rollins
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: wrong book sent
I ordered 'haley's cleaning hints'

I received 'twelve sharp' a novel by Stephanie Plum

I sent the novel back to over two weeks ago but haven't heard back.