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 Handbook of Adhesive Chemicals and Compounding IngredientsThis reference describes more than 8000 trade name and generic chemicals and materials used in the manufacture of adhesives and adhesive products.

These ingredients are used to manufacture hot-melt-, pressure-sensitive, protein-based, radiation-curable, rubber-based, thermoplastics, thermosetting, specialty adhesives etc.

Some of the ingredients treated in this reference function as:

Accelerating agents; Adhesion promoter, Antiblocking agents; Antioxidants; Antimicrobials, Antisag agents, Bases; Bleaches; Colloidal stabilizers; Curing agents, Crosslinking agents; Defoamers; Dyes; Extenders; Fillers; Film-formers, Flame retardants, Gloss agent, hardener, Humectants; insolubilizers; Liquefiers; Pigments; Polymers, Plasticizers; Preservatives; Processing aid; Reinforcing agent, Resins, Rosins, Softeners; Solvents; Stabilizers, Tackifiers; Thickeners/Viscosity control agents; UV absorbers; Vulcanizing agents; Waxes, Waterproofing agent; Wetting agents.

  Date Published 4/1/1999

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Comments: Quitessential reference for the Chemical Adhesive Industry
This desk top reference book paid for itself the the first time I used it.

This industry spans a diverse range of markets: medical and dental, electronic and electrical, construction and building materials, industrials assemblies paper and transportation to name a few.

With a concise section on Manufacturers/Suppliers I saved a week of phone calls to the wrong places. One of the books strengths was the raw material descriptions: from Accelerating Agents and Adhesion Promoters to Dyes and Extenders all the way to Vulcanizing, Waterproofing and Wetting Agents.

Some of the other valuable parts to this book are: The Trade Name Reference, Chemical Component Cross- Reference, Funtional/Application Index and the Appendices are just as great. 1077pp.

Michael and Irene Ash have a number of references out, this was one of the best for me.

Rated By: Jim Chappell
From: Louisville, KY
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Comments: For the newbies
If this book were priced at, say, 30 dollars I'd rate it 5 stars. Unfortunately, the Internet and advanced search engines relegates books like this to the bin where one stores the horse and buggy. There is too much information available on the net that is NOT in this 'handbook' and there is NOTHING in the book that isn't on the net. So what do you get for [the price]? I suppose this might be a good resource for the initially clueless concerning adhesives and/or how to search the web for info.