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 50 Lights: Innovations in Design and Materials (Pro Design Series)50 Lights: Innovations in Design and Materials
  Date Published 2/1/1998

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Rated By: Ping Lim
From: Christchurch
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Comments: Interesting reference book
This book is divided into lights with various materials such as ceramics, plastics, paper, etc. The lights are fun, zany, aesthetically pleasing, as a form of art, contribution towards perserving the environment through the usage of recylcleable material, avant-garde, elegant, practical, simple. The book also depicts the mechanism of some lights & how the lights are installed. Some of them are plain simple but downright effective & I wonder to myself aloud why wouldn't I think of that before. This book doesn't contain much classic lights or probably, it deliberately chooses not to feature lights of the famous but exposing the readers to more diversified range of lights by various designers. Despite so, there are still lights by Philippe Starck, but Ingo Maurer can't be seen & neither does Archille Castiligione. Probably this lighting reference book is not as precise as I want but still, it doesn't detract from the fact that it reveals to us there are almost unlimited way of expressing our creativity over the expression of light. Keep up the good work.