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 Hardwood Floors : Laying, Sanding and FinishingWhile wood flooring has been much in vogue in recent years, it has received little if any exceptional treatment from do-it-yourself writers. Bollinger, an experienced flooring contractor, has produced what has to be the definitive guide to installing and finishing wood floors. He addresses the three types of flooring: strip, plank, and parquet--covering such topics as estimating costs; selecting wood types and grades; preparing the underlayment; planning the layout; sanding; and applying various finishes. Bollinger brings in many tricks of the trade, such refinements as wood and metal inlays, and ideas for dealing with the irregularities that invariably crop up in the repair or layout of floors as part of renovation projects. Nicely illustrated with photos and drawings. For most public libraries with active how-to collections. A companion video is also available; contact the publisher.
  Date Published 10/1/1990

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Rated By: TC Pen
From: Salem, Oregon
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Comments: One of the books on the topic (the DVD is good too)
However, I agree with the person below that you should really seek out a continuous belt sander, and avoid drum sanders due to their tendency to create very subtle chatter marks over the entire floor surface. They cannot be seen or felt prior to finishing the floor, but once you have the floor finish applied, you can see them. Also, the author says that a screen buffer is optional, but if you use a drum sander, I think it is pretty much a necessity if you want to lessen the effect of the chatter marks that a drum sander produces, compared to a continuous belt sander.
Rated By: Philip B. Johnson
From: Buellton, CA
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Comments: Confidence Builder
This book is wonderful. I've been reading everything I can get my eyes on regarding installation of solid hardwood flooring. Most places I see the same general points, but not many details. Not this book. Here are answers to the dozens of questions I had in response to reading all of the other stuff.
Rated By: John
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great For Your Do-It-YourSelfer
This is the book you need if you want to install or refinish your harwood floor. And the author even covers his views on water based finishes.

In addition, I recommend only using a continuous belt sander. The author mentions the benifits, but the sheet fed causes chatter marks. GO WITH THE BELT! The belt sanders can be harder to find, but look for it.

Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: really a "must read"
If you're planning to install or refinish wood floors, you really should read this book. Installing wood flooring is definitely something a determined beginner can do, but there are some pitfalls along the way. This book will help you avoid them. There's also a companion video that I highly recommend. The time and expense of buying and reading/watching these materials will be returned many times over by avoiding mistakes.

I used the book and video to help prepare myself for my first DIY floor installation, and everything went extremely well. I also had some coaching from a local installer, which I highly recommend. He had me practice on an 8' x 8' square before doing anything on the actual floor. The more you can learn, the easier it will all be and the better the final results. In my case, the results were really quite astonishing - I had many, many comments and compliments, and more than one person mentioned that my work was better than the "professional" work in their own house. That's an advantage of doing it yourself - you can take the time to do it right.