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 Hannah's Art of Home: Managing Your Home Around Your Personality Learn how to de-clutter, clean, decorate and organize your home according to your personality style -- Starry-Eyed Dreamer, Master Mind, Creatiave Spirit, or Mother Hen
  Date Published 11/9/2004

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Rated By: H. S. Higgenbottom
From: North Augusta SC
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Comments: A great motivator
I loved this book. Keeley manages to get me excited about something that I absolutely and organizing my house! There is a test you take at the beginning of the book and that test determines your personality (me? I was the starry eyed dreamer). Then at the end of each of her chapters, she has homework for each personality. My favorite was her chapter on AS IS organizing and the ten minute tidy. If you have a problem keeping your home under control or if you just want to be better organized I would strongly suggest buying this book!
Rated By: Laura G. Tyson
From: College Station, TX
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Humor Meets Practicality in "Hannah's Art of Home"
If you're like me, you have walked over that pile of dirty clothes behind your bedroom door (because there is no room for them in your closet) one too many times. This book offered the help I needed to get my living space in working order and so much more! Like a life-long friend, Keeley laughs you through a home overhaul....with a twist! By incorporating a little psychology (through a quick quiz)she offers helpful hints for your unique personality. Even if you actually have a place in your closet for your dirty clothes this book offers a great read, lots of understanding smiles and plenty of "laugh out loud" moments.
Rated By: R. Brunston "islandgina"
From: Ocean Springs, MS
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Ms. Keeley's Book
Wow.... How did she do that?
As I have cleaned and reorganized my home to flow more compatibly with the real me, I have laughed and been entertained as if I had invited my best friend over to keep me company.

Rated By: Charles F. Jenkins "CF Jenkins"
From: Augusta, GA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Making the Unavoidable Easier
My distaste for cleaning goes almost as deep as my love of reading. Both have prompted a long search for that magical book, the one that somehow turns cleaning and organizing into a wonderful and exciting task. While this book may not be that particular panacea, it goes further than any other that I have read. I love the concept of amtching your method to your personality and Ms. Keeley's humor makes me laugh even when I am knee deep in the laundry. It was a wonderful read and I enjoyed it very much. Now, if I could only find the front door . . .
Rated By: The Parent Coach Company
From: Atlanta
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Expressing yourself through homemaking
This book looks at homemaking with new eyes. Rather than approaching it as a chore, Hannah Keeley uses her background in Psychology and her love of homemaking to inspire and organize the daily household routines to compliment your personality. She focuses on how your personality affects your home environment and takes homemaking to a realistic, fun, and energetic place. Take a moment to determine your homemaking personality and see how to find time to enjoy the rest of your life.
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A straightforward guide to organizing and decorating a home
Written by the publisher of "HK Magazine", an online magazine geared toward families, Hannah's Art Of Home: Managing Your Home Around Your Personality is a straightforward guide to organizing and decorating a home that suits one's personality tastes. From learning how to de-clutter chaos, to top techniques for keeping things clean with less effort, to decoration formulas for success and more, Hannah's Art Of Home is filled cover to cover with tips, tricks, and techniques to make one's domain appropriate for one's spirit and family. Highly recommended.
Rated By: J. Whitford
From: Falls Church, VA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The perfect declutter book for all procrastinators
I have over two dozen declutter books and they all are gathering dust in a corner. None of them motivated me to get going until I read Hannah's book. All the other books left me feeling overwhelmed and guilty about my 30 years of clutter.

Hannah's book is different because she actually walks you through different personality types, helps you find yours, and gets you moving in baby steps. (My personality is Starry-eyed Dreamer - every single thing I own I have emotions tied up in it, and find it hard to let go.)

Chapter by chapter Hannah lets you know it is ok to be who you are and where you are in your chaotic mess. She cheers you on, helping you identify where you are, where you want to be, and helps you get there.

I chose to do a chapter each week (rather than try and rush thru the book on a weekend.) With each small dream journal assignment, I found myself motivated to identify not only how I could clean up (and not be exhausted in the process), but how I could create my rejuvenated home sanctuary. I am half way thru the book and half way to a brighter, more beautiful, soul nourishing home.

I highly recommend this book to everyone regardless of whether you are a busy working Mom or a busy single with long work hours.

The book is not padded with filler - every single word is worth reading, and her humorous personal stories are funny and universal.

I have given all my other declutter books to my library, and recommended Hannah's book to all my family, friends and co-workers.

I hope those of you who have felt overwhelmed and guily about your clutter take a chance on Hannah's book. It has really freed up space, time and energy in my life so I can do the things I really want to do each day.