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 Clean House Clean Planet Recipes and tips for creating cheap, safe, and effective household cleaners. After introducing the reader to the nasty effects of chemicals commonly used in commercial cleaning products, Karen Logan offers instructions for making everything from glass cleaner (try plain club soda, or white vinegar and water) to household insecticides (peppermint oil and water will banish ants). Logan is concerned about the environment but also about safety—the story of a woman who swallowed lye-containing drain cleaner as a child will have you tossing out every bottle out under your sink.
  Date Published 4/1/1997

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Rated By: Male 30
From: Maryland
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: nice book
I enjoyed reading this easy read. Has lots of valuable information about how to clean the house naturally. It is well worth the read as it is relatively simplistic and guides you through what you need in different parts of the house.

I would have prefered if it had less explanation about why and just had a 10 page book telling you what to do. But than some would be dissapointed wanting to understand why and what is more acidic and what is more alkaline and why they don't balance ect. But all in all a fairly easy enjoyable read.
Rated By: Artemis Gems
From: CT
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Bought it and sent it back
I bought this book and sent it back almost immediately. It has a handful of recipes which are repeated over and over and over. Some of which no matter how often you use them do not work. If you want a true bible of clean green cleaning turn to "Better Basics for the Home : Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living". It is a MUCH better book.
Rated By: Granola Girl
From: Somerset, NJ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Based on other reviews
I purchased this book based on other reviews and would have to agree with most of the reviews...thought it was very informative and a great find. Granted I haven't tried ALL of the cleaners, but those I have used do work! With regards to repetition of recipes, it just shows what certain products are capable of doing the job. I also liked that she explained how and why it works. Being an environmental consultant, she makes some very good points about the chemicals on health and the environment. A great book to read for those getting started on a more natural way of life!
Rated By: Lv2Read
From: Oklahoma
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Just what I was looking for
I checked it out from the library and I'll be purchasing it (if I ever return my rented copy!). As someone who lives in the country where waste water is returned to the ground in my back yard (septic system), I'd cringe when I'd dump Vanish in my toilet or Comet in my sink. This book has a lot of effective alternative options. Some of them take a little more effort because they aren't as harsh or caustic and their chemical counterparts. That being said, you can go a long way to make your house less toxic by using the suggestions in this book. The tip about baking soda sprinkled on dirty dishes is a gem! And yes, the other book mentioned in a previous post is also good, but this book is similar in nature and not as time consuming to read.
Rated By: cactusarm
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: easy, affordable, it works and is fun
I originally checked this out from my local library but liking it so much I decided I had to get one for myself. The "effectiveness" ratings for each recipe is a big plus and gave me confidence to try it out, (the effectiveness rating is based on people who actually tried the recipe and rated the recipe's effectiveness, how it worked for them). I especially like the earth paste recipe, as it lasts a long time and I have a 4 yr old who takes baths in our tub. It is nice to know that when we get his water ready that there isn't any harmful powdered clorox in his bath; that he is bathing in a clean bath tub, free of harmful harsh chemicals. So, I was not only thrilled to find this book but even more thrilled that the recipes worked, and I didn't have to spend a whole lot of money. The most expensive things were the essential oils and castille soap but for both, a little really does go a long way. I've read some similar books on the subject and thought this was the most practical and easy to use book. It makes cleaning fun because, you make it yourself, and you can be creative with the scents and decorating the containers. Since I started using the recipes in this book my home has smelled better, to include the kitchen sink (we don't have a dishwasher/ I have to wash my dishes daily by hand, and I haven't had a smelly dishrag since).
Rated By: C. Nowlin "Book Hog"
From: Okemos, MI
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Comments: This gives me hope for a cleaner and safer home!
I have always felt uncomfortable using the chemical cleaners, but thought, what choice do I have? Now I know my choices! I read the whole book and am really excited to start creating the recipes and using the cleaners. Knowing I am doing a good thing for my family and the environment will make cleaning much more enjoyable (ok, not enjoyable, but at least tolerable). Plus, I won't be experiencing asthma from the fumes of the cleaners! AND from what the author reports, you can get your kids to do some real cleaning without worrying that they will come in contact with harmful fumes!
Rated By: Michelle T. "irishmonk"
From: Detroit, MI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great book, supplies not so easy to get
I love this book. The recipes are simple and effective. My one complaint? Although finding the actually ingredients is quite simple (even the most "obscure" are easily obtained at health food stores), it's crazy how difficult it is to find spray bottles, etc! Most grocery stores, discount stores, and such either carry none at all or only one or two that are very overpriced. I have found some at dollar stores, but they don't have a great variety of sizes. Also, while they may carry spray bottles, they don't generally carry squirt bottles or any of the other containers the recipes require.

What's even more frustrating is that she frequently touts her website in the book where you can supposedly buy these things; the problem is, the website is no longer in existence! I thought perhaps she'd just changed the name of the site, so I googled everything I could think of that would bring it up with no luck.

Still, if you can find the necessary containers, the cleaners work great!
Rated By: Kathie Stone "maeven6"
From: Texas
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great Reference
Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan

By far the best of the three I purchased. She is thorough and you feel like she is speaking to you and is a friend by the end of the book. Her research is personal and honest. My guess a would be homeschool Mom if she knew the natural advantages. In fact all her products can be used by tiny tikes and some are edible and tasty. She talks about the advantages of getting them started young.

It is an easy read, focused, and loaded with answers to tons of questions both asked and not asked. I found myself asking and then the next paragraph getting the answer. It will stay on the shelf as a permenant reference book. I loved her 'Car Kit'!!!!

She also gives all her recipes, efficiency ratings, cost savings, and clear instructions on how to make and use. This is important because you don't just start throwing things together you can have serious problems. She focuses a great deal on small children in the home and teaching them about environmental conscienceness.
Rated By: homeschooling mom of 4
From: Central Florida
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: This is the best make them youself cleaning book
I have read some make your own cleaner books that call for mail order only items and I like this book since it calls for mainly easily found items. I have found most of the cleaners work 100% for me. The leather cleaner did not work for me but I have not found a commercially prepared cleaner that worked either! (I tried to clean a mint leather chair my MIL gave me that my children got dirty and nothing works!) I especially like the diluted vinegar essential oil spray for cleaning wood floors - it works so much better than what you can buy ready made!
Rated By: Mediterranean Maven
From: Miami, Florida
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Green Cleaning Tips That Work!
I just purchased Clean House, Clean Planet and I simply love it! Written in a straight forward, clear manner, this book provides simple, home-made recipes to keep your house clean without the need for toxic chemicals. The tub and tile cleaner recipe called EarthScrub is phenomenal and rinses clean. It's a shame that her website is no longer available. But her book is still as current as ever and her ratings of the recipes and clear instructions on proper mixing and containers is great. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for alternatives to commercial cleaners as well as anyone looking to save money on the green products now more widely available (which can be expensive in their own right, although worth it in comparison to their commercial, and oftentimes toxic competitors). The time spent making these home-made recipes is worth the results and the savings!