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 Spring Cleaning The people who taught readers how to clean their homes in 42 minutes flat spell out how to go about tackling those heavy-duty, spring cleaning chores in the most efficient, and painless, way.
  Date Published 3/4/1989

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Comments: Speed Cleaning
This is a very helpful book. Not only does Jeff Campbell explain exactly what the fastest way to clean your house is, but he also gives advise on what products to use and how to use them efficiently. This was not full of unnessesary "helpful hints", but was loaded with actual technique and procedure. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to spend little time cleaning house, but would still like to live in a clean home.
Rated By: A. ODonnell "Amyred"
From: Houston, TX
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Comments: Lot of good info, short form
I couldn't figure out how to clean the miniblinds effectively. Now I do. While apartment dweller won't need all the info, there is something for just about everyone who needs it. Their company sells the best and most interesting cleaning tools you've ever seen. Customer service is also five stars. They know their stuff, and this book is a good example of it. Also: Talking Dirt, the newest book.
Rated By: Kathy Livingston
From: East Texas
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Comments: Help for the cleaning impaired
This book gives specific advice for tackling major cleaning jobs around the house. The focus is not on hints and tips for tackling the details but on the approach to use and how to do it. Speed Cleaning, another book by Jeff Campbell, is for doing weekly cleaning. Spring Cleaning is for infrequent large cleaning jobs, but it also has advice for tackling the weekly cleaning the first time if you're starting out from way behind. If only I could get results just from reading the book. . .
Rated By: Kevin Killian
From: San Francisco, CA
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Comments: It's great
A true cleaning gem that will get your cleaning done in a jiffy, just you wait and see. No matter what kind of job you need done, whether it's moving drapes and heavy curtains out into the wings, or packing up furniture for winter wear, you'll find some useful tips from the smart team of CLEAN TEAM. They've got their own website and they're not afraid to advertise it, but don't run away in disgust, Jeff Campbell is actually a pretty relaxed pitchman.

I put on my apron to do my spring cleaning, just as Jeff has advised for the past 20 years. It's made of all scraps of muslin and cotton that were lying around the house. In its durable and roomy pockets, I can always locate the knives, cloths and sprays I need to do any particular job. Those of you who are accustomed to clean in the mude, however, will be disconcerted, that is strictly a no no with Jeff Campbell, who wants you to put on an apron, not just to cover your "block and tackle" but to hold different tools in for ease of use.