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 Mexicolor : The Spirit of Mexican Design Mexicolor: The Spirit of Mexican Design
  Date Published 9/1/1998

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Comments: The book to buy for the true feeling of Mexico!
The colors and textures of Mexico come alive in this book. It is a great source of ideas for anyone interested in decorating in the style and feel of Mexico. As a resident of the Texas/Mexico border and a frequent traveler to Mexico, this book illustrates the beauty of tile and colors found everywhere. Color, like music, is playing everywhere in Mexico!
Rated By: Alejandra Vernon
From: Long Beach, California
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Comments: absolutely gorgeous !
This is perhaps the most lavishly beautiful book of artifacts and design I've seen in recent years. It has 21 chapters, starting with "The Painted Wall". Chapter 2 is the simply awesome "Tiles", followed by "La Cocina", with more exquisite tiles and fabulous cookware. I love the kitchen sink with the retablos and crosses on the wall above it !

Among the many chapters, there's one on "Textiles", "Folk Art", "Ceramics", "Wood" (masks that are works of art and the whimsical carvings from Oaxaca). "Metal": The loveliest door knockers you'll ever see, and my favorite of all (I have a small but glorious collection), the marvelous milagros.

There are also chapters on inns, homes along the coasts, the homes of 4 artists (to die for !), etc., and one on patios and gardens.

The photographs by Melba Levick are as good as it gets, a short (you wouldn't want any more...the focus is on the photography) but excellent text by Tony Cohan, which gives a brief history and description of the items shown, and the creative direction was done by Masako Takahashi. It's a good size soft cover at 10" x 9 1/2 and the quality is great.

It's a book you can browse through over and over and discover new little details, and the beauty of it will gladden your heart and inspire you to add more color to your home, especially Mexican color, which is so full of life and soul.

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Comments: Absolutely dazzling!
This book is jam packed with stunning photos. The colors are rich and vibrant. We are treated to textiles, handicrafts, architecture, landscapes and interiors all fairly jumping off the page in beautiful living color. Eye candy of the first order!
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Comments: A Perfect Name for this Book
Anyone who has spent time in Mexico and has fallen in love with the culture & colors will love this book. The photographs have beautifully captured the essence of Mexican design.
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Comments: Brilliantly conceived and completely successful effort
The reviews that follow say it all. To my way of thinking, the three greatest 'colorful' civilizations on this Earth are India, Mexico and Japan. Note that a Japanese photogropher puts her artistic sensibilities to work on this book about Mexico, thus combining two of the three best possible worlds for me. (That's not to disparage the efforts of the other contributors, of course!)

This book is a real celebration of its subject. It is not possible to say enough good things about it.

One slight complaint is that the print for captions is rather small for such a big book, but that's hair-splitting. If you have bad eyes, keep your reading glass handy.

An enjoyment for everyone.

Rated By: Enrique Torres "Rico"
From: San Diegotitlan, Califas
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Comments: Mexico lindo/Beautiful Mexico
Having travelled through most of the states of Mexico, witnessing the enchanting colorful culture firsthand I can say this book captures the essence and beauty of Mexico lindo. It reminds the viewer of the places and people of Mexico in all their colorful splendor. What traveler through Mexico can forget the mercado (outdoor maketplace)experiece with the aromas and color blending for an intoxicating mixture that stays with you for a lifetime? It is all captured here in this brilliantly colored book. An inspirational book for the artist as well, the splashes of color jump from the pages into one's imagination for new ideas based on centuries old traditions. Although the fantastic color photographs are the highlight of this magnificnet book, the text is equally as good and highly informative. Little known tidbits abound. Take for example the centuies old technique of hanging cactus upside down to attract cochineal bugs. The bugs are then crushed to extract a wonderful red dye for wool rugs. Nothing is wasted, the bugs are sun dried or toasted on a griddle and mixed with lime after being crushed to a powder. The 21 chapters cover all aspects of Mexican life and each deserves the utmost attention since the detail given to each is exquisite. Nearly half of the chapters are dedicated to some aspect of the home, whether the garden, renovated haciendas or charming homes away from home for the traveler, the peeks into the places of rest are magnificent. The section featuring four artists homes is fabulous. There is one particular chapter that I love most, it is simply entitled wood. Here one will find marvelous wood creations, including masks and furniture as well as the famous wood carvers from Oaxaca, who create whimsical, colorful animals that defy conventional conceptions. There are other places to find wood creations as they are featured throughout the book in one form or another. This book demands to viewed over and over. This is one not to be shelved but to be kept handy for reference or inspiration. I would highly recommened this book to anyone who loves the old world culture that is Mexico. It is one of my favorite books that I cherish, a special gift that I view often, colorful memories rekindled and brought to life again and again.
Rated By: Martine M. Seide
From: Miami, Florida
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Rated By: "chelita101"
From: Olympia, WA
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Comments: My decoration/collection bible
I ADORE this book!!!! I have poured over it SO MUCH that the spine is cracked open on certain pages. Masako's love for Mexico, the people, the artesania, the "flavor" of Mexican life (well detailed in her husband's book "On Mexican Time") comes screaming through loud and clear on every page. I am an AVID collector/aficionado of all Mexican folk art, handicrafts and artesanias, and this book is virtually my decorating bible. Well worth every cent I spent on it and so much more!

The only flaws (for me)are the chapters on Modern Mexican Architecture and the artists' homes- WAY too modern, as far as I'm concerned, and they do NOT blend with the rest of the book!!!!! However, I have LONG ceased to let those chapter ruin my enjoyment of this simply INCREDIBLE book- I simply skip over them, refuse to look at them, and revel in everything else in the book. My only REAL regret is that she doesn't hurry and come out with MORE books, MORE often!!!!!

Rated By: Amy González-Figueroa
From: San Juan, PR
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Comments: A lot of ideas for my new home
I was (and still am) searching for books, information and pictures of mexican architecture and color. This book was helpful for me, and also brought back great memories of my two trips to Mexico. This country is amazingly beautiful and rich in cultural heritage, and in my search for rustic/mexican ideas that I can adapt to the design of my new hacienda-type home, I found that the book satisfied me with all the beautiful pictures portraing the real Mexico. A must have for mexican citizens living outside the country, and Mexico freaks (like me) as well.
Rated By: A. Gathercoal "fdoamerica"
From: Norcross, GA
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Comments: When I opened the book, I was like a kid in a candy shop
Brilliant! Vivid! Alive! An optical tease, each chapter, every trichromatic photograph, allures you sensually. Walls, kitchens and tiles blaze with vibrant colors. This isn't a book that you read as much as it is a book that you experience. You will find yourself slowly flipping through the book, not once , but many times. Each time your visual senses will be stimulated. If you are thinking of redecorating in pulsing colors then this book is a must buy.
Rated By: Scott Knudsen
From: Saskatchewan Canada
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Comments: Sunglasses Required!
Put your sunglasses on (make sure there prescription, the font is really small) and get ready to feast your eyes on 176 pages of brilliant, intense colours. The book covers most aspects of the Mexican lifestyle and shows how colour is integrated into every part of their lives.

I had thought that the pictures where the leftovers from the authors other book, Mexicasa: The Enchanting Inns and Haciendas of Mexico, but this book seems to have been published first.

If you buy either one of these books, make sure you check out the binding really good, and keep your receipt. The bindings seem to be very poor and may totally fail before your half way through the book.

Rated By: Jan M. Failing
From: Portland, OR
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Comments: Visual Thrill
What a delight for the visual senses. Beautifully written, as well as, photographed.
Rated By: R. Spell "raspell"
From: Memphis, TN
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Comments: A Good Summary of Mexican Colors
I'm in the process of building on the Maya Riviera so this is important research looking for real ideas. Building in Spanish Colonial style can't be done without some thought given to the brilliant colors of Mexico.

Since I am interested in the home design many of the chapters are not as applicable. Chapters like Folk Art, Toys, wood, ceramics and the marketplace were just not really relevant to me. Prior to that are chapters on the painted wall, Tiles and the Kitchen that are very helpful. Later the book shows pictures of various homes, haciendas, and hotels. Even if I weren't investigating for decorating ideas this is still a coffee table book that I would be very proud to display in my house.

I now have many pages marked for further review and discussions. This is a great representation of Mexican color that I'm glad I own.
Rated By: susan gregg
From: Big Island, Hawaii
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Comments: a great guide
I have always loved everything about Mexico, especially their use of color. When I bought my new house I wanted to bring that freedom and joy into my home.

This book was a wonderful guide. Almost every page reminded me to let go and celebrate. There are so many visual feasts and ideas. If you are timid about colors this book will definitely give you a new lease on life.