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 Late Victorian Houses and Cottages: Floor Plans and Illustrations for 40 House Designs
This fascinating book was originally published in 1897 as a house plans catalog. Itís filled with drawings, floor plans and descriptions of 40 elegant Victorian houses and cottages. Each exterior is displayed in a full-page black-and-white drawing. Containing dimensions, exterior materials, interior finish and more, this edition is faithfully reproduced from a rare edition of the work originally published by The Century Architectural Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 1897 under the title Modern Homes. 120 illus.
  Date Published 3/31/1999

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Rated By: B. L PIZZI
From: St. Louis MO
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Comments: Unique Floor Plans
I actually purchased this book for use in a computer game. The Sims and Sims 2 games permit the building of houses and for me, this book filled the bill perfectly.

To actually work from authentic floor plans used in the 19th Century and watch it come to life is an interesting hobby.

Each home consists of a very good drawing of the house itself plus an excellent rendering of the floor plan. In those days, you browsed thru this book much the same as a Sears Catalog and picked out the home you wanted built. You then bought the floor plans which varied in price. Some floor plans cost as little as $25.00, others cost $150.00.

There is a very good description of the house which consists of general dimensions, exterior materials, interior materials and accommodations such as heating by furnace or fireplace. In many cases, the house could be built for $3,000 or less.

For the history buff it would be interesting time spent with this book. I recommend it for the detail in the floor plans alone. The drawings are superb.