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 Tips & Traps When Building Your Home

Leading real-estate author Robert Irwin provides home builders with valuable money-saving tips to building a home from the ground up in Tips & Traps When Building Your Home. Featuring a self-test to determine whether the reader is more suited to hiring it all out or doing some of it alone, this user-friendly guide outlines the perilous traps that often come with building your own home. Irwin helps readers determine whether or not to hire out the entire process or whether to act as the primary contractor. Once that is decided, Irwin then helps builders determine:

  • How building and contracting effects home-owners' insurance
  • Whether or not to hire an architect
  • If building plans need to be presented to the local zoning board
  • Contractors' and builders' adherence to electrical codes, sewage codes, and occupancy codes
  Date Published 8/28/2000

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Rated By: Sam V
From: Los Angeles, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great Book, Easy To Understand..
This book was the first book I read on building. It has also been very informative and simple to understand.

If you are beggining in building this is the perfect book for you.

The Author really knows what he is talking about. Unlike some other books out there written buy someone who has never done it....

Rated By: Randy Given
From: Manchester, CT
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very Good
This is a very good book that is easy to read. Now, there were some things that I disagree with, as well as other "expert" developers, but overall the tips and traps were right on. So, this is a book that you should read if you are building a hime, but also read at least one other good book. Because of some of those things that were too specific (i.e., not mentioning other reasonable options), I nearly gave it four stars. However, it is worth reading and normally would warrant the five stars.
Rated By: John Orlando "John O"
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Tips and Traps When Building Your Home
If you're new to building homes, this is a good book to get you started.