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 Mediterranean Style: Relaxed Living Inspired by Strong Colors and Natural Materials
Vibrant, informal, and, above all, refreshingly simple, Mediterranean style is synonymous with easy living. From Provence and Tuscany to Marrakech, an imaginative sense of color and pattern prevails as well as an inspiring use of natural materials. With colors inspired by Mediterranean regions, this book reveals the areas's preference for strong, sun-drenched colors - turquoise, ocher, earthy red, and lime - and the subtleties of local patterns found in details of Moorish mosaics, ceramic tiles, and kilim rugs. Photographs of places on the Mediterranean accompany the informative text and guide us through the parts of a home - walls, floors, windows, doors, furnishings, display, and outdoor spaces. In addition, there are twelve imaginative projects with clear illustrations that explain how to incorporate this style into a contemporary home.
  Date Published 3/1/1998

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Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Directed towards very humble and buget oriented taste
Simple and humble. Offers how-to's on crafts and ideas. Depicts the most basic and fundamental of Mediterranean style. Not at all pretentious or luxurious.
Rated By: Kerem Sagyasar
From: Istanbul Turkey
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Comments: Good Photos...But Nothing more
This is not the book you are looking for i think.. It offers more when you buy it but gives nearly nothing.A weak content, very simple ideas. May be some of the how to's may be usefull if you look in an optimistic way.
Rated By: "cloudhorse"
From: Cerro, New Mexico
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I received this book and stopped EVERYTHING I was doing to sit down and drool over it! Simple, wonderful, rustic design without being "trash rustic" that makes you smile and want to bring smiles to everyone that walks in your home. I will be using every page for inspiration on my new home that I don't want to look NEW, but comfortable and happy!
Rated By: Jane
From: New Jersey
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Comments: wonderful!
I LOVE THIS BOOK! I couldn't wait to get this book after I ordered it and I was not disappointed. It has beautiful pictures and a wonderful narrative. It gave me so many ideas along with how-to's. I recommend this book highly.
Rated By: ann gillespie "miss ann"
From: Woodbine, GA
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Comments: achievable style
Having lived in the Mediterranean for 10 years, I have a need to return to that place I have come to love. But, since that is no longer an option, I have to find way to bring that flavour to my current home. I found the pictures to be very representative and the advice captured practical essenses of the style. The advice and the how to project are simple and budget oriented and allow someone to add the flavour to their home quickly. Since they make use of small easily changable items they wont be budget breaking if you find out this style is not for you. Anyone can do lush mediterranean if they can afford $30/sq ft ceramic wall tile, but most of us dont have that kind of budget...
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Beautiful and Useful
I have the highest praise for this book and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates and wishes to decorate in the Mediterranean Style. I agree with another reviewer that many of the ideas can be easily and inexpensively implemented. The ingredients of style are all there, making it possible to create a Mediterranean atmosphere in just about any home or apartment.
Rated By: "blackapwolf"
From: U.S.
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Magnificent!!!
This is a wonderful book, filled with pages of beautiful pictures and creative ideas. It is a book that will inspire you to redecorate your home a "La Mediterranea" or maybe even send you off on a trip to visit such magnificent places. I highly recommend anyone interested in Mediterranean design/decor to get this book, as it not only gives you ideas, but also some easy-to-follow steps on achieving certain effects as pictured. Thumbs up for this one.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Little bit too rustic for my taste
I just got this book, and although lots of others rave about the photos, the style is a little bit too rustic for my tastes. If you are looking to decorate your home a la small Mediterranean village style, this is definitely for you. However, you won't find any luxurious palaces or mansions here. This book primarily appeals to those who prefer the simple, assymetrical, and distressed look that evoke a centuries-old Mediterranean charm. If your home has fitted carpets or wooden walls as is typical in the San Francisco Bay Area, the style just doesn't seem to fit. I am also far from impressed with the text as it's kind of repetitive, the author mentioned so many times that the Mediterranean style is simple, open, and it evolved due to the balmy Mediterranean climate! As if mentioning the very obvious once is not enough.
Rated By: Amanda Richards
From: Georgetown, Guyana
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Comments: Simplicity, Warmth and Inspiration
Due to unforeseen circumstances whereby my lower living area was suddenly subjected unceremoniously to several feet of murky moisture, I found myself in need of a partial home makeover, but with a shoestring budget and a short time frame.

Fortuitously, this book came through it unscathed, and I took it as an omen that Mediterranean was the way it should be.

The pictures are strikingly beautiful, the colors breath-taking, and my family may not be over-excited to hear that the foyer will now be a washed purple color with an earthen colored roof, accented by a canary yellow metal staircase. The book banishes all fear of the lavish use of color, clearly illustrating how color can enhance your surroundings, making a cozy nest of warmth and harmony.

The furniture and accessories are all rustic and simple, the formula being wood, iron, stone, tile and carpet.

If you're the Victorian or romantic type, there's no toile de joie in lavender and pink in this book, no overstuffed chairs or furniture bearing the legs of any deceased monarch. If however, you're into relaxed, simple, harmonious, rustic and durable decor, this is a good book to use as a guide.

Amanda Richards, February 3, 2005
Rated By: M. Wyze
From: Unavailable
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Comments: I had to purchase this book
I've checked this book out of my local library three times. We've been working with an architect to design a French country house, very simple. No amount of pictures has conveyed the message of simplicity to our architect. He kept giving us elaborate Palladian designs, and I kept saying, "French Mas". not "French Chateau" and certainly not some Monster House version of an Italian Villa. We've decided to end this expensive misunderstanding and begin again with another designer, this time showing the simple pictures in "Mediterranean Style" to convey the simple rusticity that we desire.