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 Your Garagenous Zone: Innovative Ideas for the Garage Not simply a storage unit or holding space for cars, the garage is reconceived in this innovative design book as a "flex" space for family members that can be clean, organized, and functional (and still house cars). Wall organizers, garage cabinets, and an ergonomically designed workbench are among the suggestions described and illustrated through a case study of how one family reinvented their garage from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Creative ideas for making the garage into a multipurpose room include placing a television on a wall swivel and moving the treadmill into the garage to create a family gym. Feng shui tips, an overview of garage-design trends over the past 100 years, and speculations about how garages will look in the year 2020 provide a revealing perspective on the importance of transforming the dark, dingy cavern in American homes into a bright, desirable living space.
  Date Published 9/28/2004

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Rated By: Lloyd Joslin
From: Lake Lure, North Carolina
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: New Homeowner or Old Homeowner will love it!
Several years ago I purchase an older version of this book. This new and improved version is invaluable to ANYONE who has a garage. Whether your garage is crammed full of junk or whether you think your garage is fairly tidy -- you will still benefit from the many tips included in this book. In short, if you buy this book, you will not be disappointed. Five Stars and worth the price! Lloyd Joslin in North Carolina
Rated By: John M. Jaeger
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Exceeded Expectations - an invaluable asset
Now that my wife has finished 3 different remodeling projects the past 5 years, it's finally my turn to get the garage into a more organized and efficient space. Spent quite a bit of time doing on-line research, and quite frankly was having a difficult time sorting out all the material and coming to some fundamental decisions. "Your Garagenous Zone" is exactly what was needed to consolidate all the material and provides an invaluable asset to guide one through the various decisions. Additionally, it's comprehensive coverage of ideas for garage make-overs added a number of key areas which i had not considered, and are now an integral part of my remodel plan. I would say this resource is Must Have if you are undertaking a project to get your garage into shape.
Rated By: K. Hohnstein
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: An Outstanding Garage Organizing Resource!!!
I have done my research, read every book out there on the subject, and most of the current articles on organizing the garage, and this is by far and away the best treatise on the topic I have found. It is a goldmine of information for the person who wants to do his own design and construction, or the author goes as far as providing contacts for a turnkey done by others. The author has researched and reviews the best of the hundreds of products available, saving countless hours of searching, and the expense of trial and error. After reading the book it left me knowing I could finally, not only get my garage organized, but be proud of the look when I finished. Just an outstanding resource!!
Rated By: Steve & Linda
From: California
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: It IS more than "Just a Garage"
The logical and innovative suggestions in the book transformed our garage from a disasterous, cluttered abyss to an organized, clean, even trendy room of our house. Bill gave us ideas and materials that we would never have thought of. Now instead of protecting my junk, two cars are back where they belong! Thanks Bill. I'll never think of my garage again as "Just A Garage", instead it is truely my "Garagenous Zone!"
Rated By: Zee
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Useless. Nothing but a pack of Product Reviews
(...) Looking for help in organizing my 2-car integrated garage for use as a working automotive shop, I found this book nearly useless for anything remotely connected to design, layout, work flow, functionality, efficiency, automotive equipment,
energy and utilities requirements, etc.

If you're looking for one guy's personal "I tried this product, and it's good!" This may be the book for you.

But you don't need to buy it.


Do I really need to know that StoreWALL come with zinc plated, rust resistant screws" in 1-5/8" and 2-1/4" lengths?

The first quarter of the book centers around the author's "Nine Objectives for a Functional & Organized Garage". It lists such
mind-blowing concepts such as:

"When in doubt, throw it out"

"If it's on the floor, it's time to store"

Is he kidding me?

If I wanted to do a "Clean Sweep" show and get rid or everything I want to organize, store and find, Yeah, sure, I could buy one of the featured $2,000 "wall systems" to house two pairs of skis.

No kidding. If you have nothing to store, organizing life becomes so simple. But would you spend for melamine cabintry for holding and hiding next to nothing?

The middle, and bulk of the book is product-by-category reviews. OK, so I learned there are two "environmental friendly, water-based" epoxy floor coating alternatives to the highly regarded (and less expensive) U-Coat-It epoxy.

The last third of the book is cheap fluff about Feng Shui-ing you garage, the history of garages (who cares?), famous garages (Apple Computer was started in a garage. Big deal -- so is my race car!), and West's sure-to-be-famous: "My 2020 Vision of the Garage for the Future"

(Hint: It's going to take on more importance in the minds of the future-family)

The book's best feature is its photographs. (Showing space after space of glittering slat-wall and shiney cabinetry -- all holding next to nothing. Of course, THAT will look neat and tidy). You might glean a couple of storage product ideas you didn't know about before hand.

Tell me where to place my 20-gallon parts washer, plumb the space for shop air, which floor coating stands up best to my heavy floor jack rolling across it.


Now I want to get back my common "Cents".
Rated By: H. Talmage Day
From: Alexandria, VA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Rather like a catalogue
I am satisfied with this purchase, even though many of its pages are merely photo reproductions of manufacturers' advertising copy for garage organization products. That said, the book does contain specific useful suggestions and illustrations, e.g., for designing a garden shed to attach to a garage (getting dirty garden tools out of a garage). Also, the features of the brand-name products are helpful in considering time/cost options for projects to improve garage organization without purchasing those products. Overall, the book is helpful, but will disappoint any purchaser offended by its extensive reproduction of manufacturers' advertising of brand-name products.
Rated By: C. Meyer
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Worthless
This book was definitely not worth the money, which is why we returned it. Instead of helpful ideas it was one big advertisement for different products. Unfortunately, since we actually looked at the book, we lost half of our refund due to a refund processing fee. Don't make the same mistake we did!
Rated By: a beautiful mind
From: Fort Collins, CO
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Your GarBagenous Zone - Editor's Day Off
Leave it to someone like author Bill West to turn the American dream into the American nightmare. [...]

For a book I wouldn't buy, such as this one, I can only spend a couple of minutes reviewing, so here comes the warp-speed review (and I type fast.)

Make sure and read the author bio first, because it will give you the tone of the book: A huge advertisement for the author's Colorado real estate business and a pitch for organizational freaks with control-mania who actually belong to associations with names like the Colorado Association for Organizers. Whoa!

Overall the book looks like and reads like a gigantic advertisement for not only overpriced but also questionably useful gadgets and equipment. For instance, who needs the `spensive thingamajiggy that helps you park your car--you know, the laser-type thingy that mounts on the garage ceiling and looks like if you pull in too far, it will punish you with unwanted laser eye surgery! So the ping-pong ball on a string, being just skads cheaper and easier and cuter and funner than the `spensive laser-type thingamajiggy, will serve an anal garage car parker just as well. At least that's what those of us who aren't into reinventing the wheel everytime we need to make a change are thinking.

Secondly--and I'm not implying that there is much, if any, humor to be gleaned from this book--the George Carlin quote in there is hysterical, mostly because George Carlin himself is hysterical. To paraphrase Carlin's quote, `cuz I don't `xactly have it in front of me, beings I didn't buy the book: "We live in our houses as bases to store our stuff while we are out shopping...for more stuff! And then sometimes we need to get even bigger store more of our stuff!" (IS THAT A REAL ESTATE PITCH?!!! HA! HA!) Well, something like that, only funnier. What's truly hysterical is Carlin, in this quote, is poking huge quantities of what we'll call `fun' at truly organizationally obsessed control freaks who have huge quantities of stuff that they spend huge quantities of money on to store and organize. I guess West just didn't get that.

Lastly, the photograph of the author, his son and his trendy Jack Russell Terrier standing in what I guess we're supposed to consider "the" quintessentially organized garage, with the caption (paraphrase): "Just think, son, someday all of this will be yours." What? Like that's totally not funny, even though, I think that this guy was trying to be funny. Oh, well.

All in all, this book is a piece of work, not for your Garage, but for your Garbage!
Rated By: Franklin "Ben"
From: Flagstaff, AZ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: From chaos cometh intelligent design
If you have ever wondered where to start with the daunting task of cleaning up your garage, "The Garagenous Zone" gives you some method to your madness. Full of ideas and pictures of useful garage organizers, the author helps you start by getting rid of the clutter to organizing the useful junk in a way that can make your garage a multi-use room, and still have a place to park the car! Using a considered approach and a good dose of humor, Bill West shows you how you can have the garage you always dreamed about! And he tells you where to go to buy the organizers suggested in the book. I found the book worth the money and my wife, and my garage, have been grateful "ever after."
Rated By: John G. Aronson
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Get Organized and Feel Good about your garage
Dear Members:
Read this book and get decluttered! It was painfully apparent that we needed professional help when a family of racoons took up residence in our garage, and we could not even find the little devils in all the things which were scattered about. Using the ideas and suggestions from Garagenous Zone that made sense for our garage, we can honestly say that we now have a super fantastic garage space. No more raccoon hiding places now. Bill West is considered as one of the most inspired garage geniuses with a mission to make the garage an acceptable room in the modern house. Declutter your garage and get a new lease on life. Do you want tennis balls hanging in the way when the car is out (which never last very long with cats), or a handy laser device which allows for perfect parking every time? There are so many great ideas, you can mix and match, and use the things that work for your lifestyle. It is past time to reclaim your garage space, and make it a super place. We can now shoot free throws in our garage space, thanks to a massive reorganization. The various floor treatments are also super - we just got done putting down the epoxy with customized paint chips. It is simply fantastic and easy to clean. Just spray and squeegy out the water - fast and easy. If you want to wager the price of a fancy pizza to get a massive dose of decluttering ideas, then buy this book. Also makes a great gift for friends who might have raccoon problems! Get with the Garagenous Zone and declutter your garage and your life. Five stars all the way!

Rated By: Loretta Castorini
From: USA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Where's my original review?
Where's my original review?
Where's my original review? I wrote an original review to inform buyers
of what me and my fiance think about this book, after we read it. It
seems that Amazon deleted it and is not republishing it.

Well, we decided that we would never buy this book because it is cheezy
and worthless and doesn't even help you put together a car mechanic's
garage nor does it help you put together a living space garage.

It's just a useless organizational exercise to make your garage into a
questionably useful space that is merely an icon to useless organization.

Believe all the other 1-star reviews, because we thought and said
exactly what they are saying, too.

We would never buy this book. You should never buy it, too.

If Amazon had a choice for NO STARS, that is what we would pick for this
Rated By: "Fuzz"
From: San Diego, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Not a good garage book
I wanted to redo my garage for the arrival of my new Ford GT and was
looking for some book(s) to help me (...) so I decided to browse Amazon,
since it's easier than going to a bookstore.

This particular book was getting such mixed reviews that I decided to,
in fact, go to a bookstore to browse it before I bought it
and possibly was not able to return it or had to pay to return it.

Well, after I looked through it, I decided it was, in fact, just like
these other 1-star reviews are saying, not worth very much.

The famous garages is a little interesting, but they didn't dig too deep
to get many famous garages. For instance, how about Paul Newman? He's
famous,he's famous for being a huge racing fan, his garage alone would
have been cool enough to put in this section. But, just like the rest of
the book, the famous garages section is just not worth very much.

It does read like a bunch of advertisements, and the pictures aren't
very good. I didn't really get any good ideas out of this book, nothing
real solid.

Oh well. I'll just keep looking for a really good garage book.
Rated By: R. Shanahan
From: Des Moines, IA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Forever Organized
I strongly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to rid their garage of clutter forever. (And I know you are out there). I am the owner of a small garage organization business. When we first opened our business, "Your Garagenous Zone" was part of our roadmap. Mr. West's information on all of the available products is well written and unbiased. This book will give you a step by step process to transform your garage into usable storage space AND park your vehicles inside as well. The humorous aspect to this book makes that "Saturday morning garage project" a little less intimidating.
Rated By: Jason Johnson
From: Tulsa, OK
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: My Customers Love it!
I own a garage storage and organization company in Tulsa, OK and have found Bills' book to be a very valuable resource when looking for ideas for my customers. I have purchased 50 books and given them to my potential and existing customers. I just ordered 25 more books and I look foward to receiving them soon.
Rated By: D. J. Robinson
From: Albany, OR
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great Book!!!
I am starting a custom garage cabinet business in Albany Oregon. I found this book to be very well researched and written and covers everything about the garage from A to Z. I had questions and emailed the author Bill West. To my surprize Bill called me and spent over an hour with me on the phone. He openly shared his expierence and ideas with me. Bill is a pioneer and advocate for conquering the last untamed frontier, the garage! His book is very informative and a resource for both ideas and products to transform the garage.
John Robinson
Quality Residential Construction LLC
Rated By: garage lover
From: USA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Best garage book around
The most comprehensive book on garages I've ever seen.Covers the history of garages from the beginning to not only tips on organizing but also all he names, phone numbes and web address of all the manufactures and suppliers of great accessories to outfit your favorite room (THE Garage). Excellent color photos and product ideas and comparisons. Also check out he web site Its awesome!!!
Rated By: Luv2organize
From: Unavailable
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Very Useful Handbook
"Your Garagenous Zone" by Bill West has turned into a well-used handbook that I continue to pick up and reuse again and again. The information is clearly written with great ideas to not only use the garage in a clean, practical way, but also HOW TO GET IT DONE! You can do-it-yourself, or get help, but either way, this book gets you started. One of the best ideas for us: using epoxy paint on the floor. My husband has done this with every garage floor he can get his hands on! (In our rental properties and our families homes--his Mom's, our daughter & son-in-law's, etc.) It's a fantastic way to make the garage a full part of your home; you want to keep seeing the floor uncluttered as well! A favorite chapter for me is 'A Century of Historical Trends', and with interesting chapters on Architectural Design, Door Styles, and Feng Shui, you can even design your Future Garage. It is a great handbook that you'll keep coming back to for information! More than 5 Stars!
Rated By: Amy Campbell
From: Phoenix, AZ
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: A New Frontier
Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or looking to get into the garage storage and organization biz, Your Garagenous Zone by Bill West has it all. Believe me, I've looked. As editor of Professional Door Dealer magazine, I am forever on the look out for innovative ideas, products, books and articles. When I came across West's book, the garage storage and organization industry was just beginning to make a ripple. Now, it's become a billion dollar industry.
West takes the readers through the evolution of the garage--from one-piece garage doors to today's high-use garages outfitted with everything from hooks and cabinets to shiny epoxy floors.
In chapters such as Reinventing the Garage: How to create the Garagenous Zone model, West offers nine objectives as the foundation to creating a functional and organized garage. He also features a wide range of products from garage storage organization manufacturers such as GarageTek and Gladiator, two of the biggest. Months of product research are done for you. West outlines product information, gives you contact numbers and even includes quality photos.

Overall, West demonstrates just how appealing a clean and organized garage can be. Chapters on famous garages, garage trivia and Feng Shui are nice bonuses. If you're looking for information on how to create the ultimate garage, look no further. And if you're on the hunt for a new profit-maker, put this title your business plan.
Rated By: Bob McIntosh
From: Fort Collins, CO
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Thumbs Up!
For all my adult life one of the things that I always longed for was a neat, well-organized and multifunctional garage. It seemed to me that at least twenty percent of the square footage of the average American home served as a grossly disorganized repository for many of the "fruits" of our consumer driven society. In many cases the family automobile(s) wouldn't even fit in the garage which, oddly enough , had been constructed with automobile utilization as its primary purpose. There had to be a better way and I knew that it was going to require the coming of a visionary to lead the way in garage organization and creative utilization. (Someone who could see the forest for the trees.) ENTER BILL WEST and his creative and innovative book "Your Garagenous Zone".
Bill West's book, "Your Garagenous Zone", has the potential to revolutionize the way homeowners all over the world design and construct their homes. The garage can take on a completely different utility and functionality as one considers its potential for multiple uses. (Automobile storage, woodworking shop, automobile working area, fly shop, party room, TV viewing and music listening room, social gathering venue, children's play area, dry and convenient storage space-the list is almost endless.)
Bill, I want to personally thank you for your vision and assistance in helping me finally achieve the garage that I had always wanted. I am convinced that what you have done in this area to date is only the beginning. (And to think that all of these years I had thought that the only thing you could catch in a mousetrap is a mouse!!!)
For more valuable information go to

Bob McIntosh
Fort Collins, Colorado
Rated By: Sam G. Solt "TW1304"
From: Fort Collins
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: More than a book
This book, Your Garagenous Zone, at least for me, was more than a read, it is a book that should be in every serious garage owners library. For us it served as a idea / reference source and a planning guide as well as and a "loaner" that could be shared with our neighbors and friends. If you need to get started or want to keep going buy this book.
Rated By: Eugene G. Curtis
From: Shokan, NY
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Not worth the price - any price
My garage is a mess, and I was hoping this book would give me ideas for getting it organized. It gets off to a great start, but that's as far as it goes. For example, it says that when the garage is a mess, you cannot find things and have to go out and buy replacements - all too true. It also says that you must throw things away - of course.

The problem is, when it comes to making the garage nicer, it refers the reader to sources for expensive storage cabinets and floor coverings. I do not want to spend $10,000 re-doing my garage, nor do I want to install thousands of dollars worth of cabinets.

The "ideas" presented in this book consist mainly of lists of expensive suppliers. I would have preferred plans and ideas for do-it-yourself storage and shelving.
Rated By: Bruce Palmer-Ball
From: Louisville, KY
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great Resource
I bought this book a few months ago and it gave me so many ideas I started a garage organizing business. Every customer I meet has unique challenges in their garages and this book has been a resource for ideas in each one of them.

Bill has done a great job exposing readers to ideas for making the garage a more funtional and in many cases an exceptional space. The garage doesn't have to be a cluttered, clumsy space to store junk while the car is parked out in the weather. Get creative. This book can inspire you to create a garage that reflects the way you live. Leave your garage door open - show it off.

Get the book!
Rated By: Heather Clark
From: Warren, MI
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: This book has inspired me to start organizing!!!
Every aspect of this publication is exceptional. Whether you're remodeling, building a new garage or simply need better organization, this is a complete resource containing detailed information, how-to's and recommendations on everything from the coating on the garage floor and organizational products to spiritual harmony. Although research is easily done via the internet these days, this book put everything in one place, right at my fingertips. Excellent resource!
Rated By: Thomas Lynch "Tommy"
From: Laurel, MD
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Best book on Garage organizing around
I am in the garage storage,design and organizing business and "Your Garagenous Zone " was the first book I purchased and the only one I go back to when i need ideas for a current project. Bill West is the expert on garage organizing and product ideas. I find myself reading it once a week.
Rated By: P. Meuwissen "Patti Meuwissen"
From: Windsor, CO
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The Ultimate Guide to organizing your garage
Your Garagenous Zone will help you reclaim lost space in your garage by organizing with Bills expertise shared through practical design solutions, references to product resources and design ideas that work. A fantastic book for professional organizers and home owners to transform the garage into a functional and organized extension of the home. I highly recommend Your Garagenous Zone.