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 Introduction: A person of discernment will attempt to read all about you in the character of the rooms where you dine, entertain, write messages, sleep, and bathe. This is why monarchs in past centuries sank so much of the national treasury into decorating, why interior designers today might be seen as psychologists of sorts, and why we plan with passion and precision every texture and object in a room. The choice of a Schonbek crystal chandelier is pivotal. It makes a mere space into and aesthetic statement. And it's a compliment to your acumen. A Schonbek chandelier possesses all the qualities of a collectible: originality, craftmanship, history. Schonbek has been making crystal chandeliers since 1879. It was founded in Bohemia by Adolf Schonbek, one of a long line of Schonbeks who dedicate their lives to beauty. Historic Schonbek crystal hangs in Buckingham Palace and the White House. The prismatic luminosity of a Schonbek crystal chandelier creates and amazing, caressing quality of light, rendering every gesture significant, every gathering glorious. You'll feel like the star of your own movie when you live with a Schonbek.
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