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 The Antique and Flea Markets of Italy Whether searching for turn-of-the-century botanical prints, biscotti tins, or vintage linens, travelers will find this slim, handsome volume an indispensable passport to Italy's most authentic and enjoyable shopping. The great antique and flea markets of Italy often remain hard to locate, and once discovered, tourists still face the challenge of deciphering complicated seasonal schedules as well as finding out what each market offers. Comprehensive and easy to use, The Antique & Flea Markets of Italy guides shoppers to the best markets in all regions. It also provides specific information about each market's merchandise, from furniture, jewelry, and postcards to enamel signs, perfume bottles, and fedoras from the Forties. Listings include location and directions, opening days and hours, and telephone contact information.
  Date Published 7/31/2003

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Rated By: Robert C. Merritt
From: Modesto, CA
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Comments: The best is yet to come
I have used other books of this kind in the past for other countries. This one seem to lack the fundamentals for this type of informational book. #1 You must write this book for someone who is not familiar with the local surroundings or the languages. #2 In the years that will be called the new millinneum people want to just blow in and blow out. When I travel I have a limited time and budget to see the flea markets available. In this book there is alot of leg work the author could have provided but for some reason did not.#3 If you speak fluent italian you can call all the phone #'s provided if they are still current. I on the other hand will have to hire a translator. If the author would provide maps, locations to trains, location to major city monuments, and make things easy for the reader to find, the hidden treasures she has found would be available to her reader, which should be her goal. When I travel many times I have up to 5 days in which to find this type of treasure. With this book it would be difficult to accomplish what I would like, but with more effort from the author this book could be a complete guide for any traveler.
Rated By: A reader
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Well laid out and helpful little guide
This slim volume lists all types of markets by the day of the week or month and location. There's also usually a contact number for more information. If you're going to be in Italy during the first weekend of the month, or the second Tuesday, say, you can check the listings for that time period. There are a few blank pages at the end of the book to write your own personal market notes!

No doubt people will need local maps and/or guidebooks to help locate the markets; this book will work best in addition to other guidebooks - not as a replacement.