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 Walks, Walls & Patios: Plan, Design & Build Designing the outside of the home adds to curb -side appeal, creates ambience, and increases the value of the home. Walks, Walls & Patios provides the homeowner with all the information needed to integrate popular hardscape designs into the overall home landscape. Included are ideas for brick and mortared stone walls, flagstone and tile patios, and brick, mortar, and concrete walks and patios. Lavish color photographs provide design inspiration, while the extensive how-to section provides easy-to-follow information. - Over 300 color photographs provide design ideas - More than 200 illustrations help transform ideas into reality - Easy-to-follow instructions for building the most popular projects - Direction on how to adapt the projects to a particular landscape - Advice on the proper tools and materials for different projects - Comprehensive glossary and index
  Date Published 6/10/2004

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Rated By: Katelyn Thomas
From: Port Deposit, MD
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Comments: Walks Walls and Patios Review
If you know absolutely nothing about creating walls, walkways, and patios, then Walks, Walls and Patios is a book you'll want to read. This book covers every aspect of hardscaping your property and has detailed diagrams, instructions on figuring out exactly how much material to buy, and several photo galleries filled with design ideas. The photo galleries are actually my favorite part of the book, since they really have good ideas and designs.

The book is very easy to use and very well written. The layout is great. Although this book doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles, it is exactly what it is supposed to be - a clear, easy to understand instructional book on how to make your own walls, walkways and patios.
Rated By: E. Esgro
From: Unavailable
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Comments: Great Illustrations
This book is pretty good at showing you how to accomplish building well... the title of the book. I find it's best attribute are illustrations and examples.

This stuff is pretty fun to do after you read this book.