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 Once Upon A CarpetThe motto of Once Upon a Carpet is "never overlook what is underfoot," and after reading this book, you never will! In these pages, cool technical facts about wool, dyes, workmanship, and rug design are joined with heartwarming stories of once-upon-a-time happenings where oriental rugs play a part in the lives of real people. Once Upon a Carpet portrays oriental rugs in places people occupy: diplomatic, privileged, domestic, sacred, exotic, and unexpected spaces. Here you will find full-color photographs, reproductions of masterwork paintings, illustrations, historical anecdotes, and personal testimonies of individuals who have bonded with rugs in their lives. Particular musical compositions are suggested for listening pleasure, allowing you to enter more fully into the space each chapter describes. The book's deluxe features include a ruby red silken cover, inlaid rug photograph, gold foil stamping, gilded pages, and a satin ribbon, making this book a visual and tactile delight. The book appeals to the committed collector, enthusiastic ruggie, and even a curious newcomer, providing each with a newfound appreciation for the charm, mystery, and beauty of oriental rugs.
  Date Published 7/16/1999

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Rated By: maggie bedrosian
From: Rockville, MD
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Comments: A gem to keep or to share!,
From the fist moment, I knew this book was special. The cloth binding and gold-rimmed pages make it feel luxurious, the four-color prints throughout build that luxury and the richest treat of all is in the blend of language, stories, art, rugs and literature to weave a tapestry for the reader. We have only one oriental rug, but I treasure it even more now after visiting the history, mystery and romance of this cherished possession. Thank you Dr. Bashian!
Rated By: Midwest Book Review
From: Oregon, WI
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Comments: For all pop culture, interior design & carpet enthusiasts.
Once Upon A Carpet is a unique and beautifully produced history and survey of the carpet through photographs and paintings. Author Kathleen Basbian presents her historical and cultural survey in six chapters: If The Rugs Could Talk? (carpets in diplomatic space); Roll Out The Red Carpet! (carpets in privileged space); From Cradle To Grave! (carpets in domestic space); This Is Holy Ground! (carpets in sacred space); Oriental Mystique! (carpets in exotic space); and Carpet Diem! (carpets in unexpected space). Basbian's lively and informative text is engaging, entertaining, and at times surprising. Once Upon A Carpet is further enhanced for the reader with an epilogue, endnotes, bibliography, picture credits, and biography. Highly recommended reading for students of popular culture, interior design, and carpet enthusiasts everywhere.
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Comments: A mother's gift
This book is a wonderful book of unusual history of an everyday object. The rug has a history that most people don't know but Kathleen R Bashian "does!" and she wishes to share it with those of us who are curiouse enough to ask "The Rug?" yes that simple piece of wool, silk or many other fine fabrics has a past that only one women knows and now she wish to tell the stories of the rug under foot. It's stories play a bigger role then one would notice. In fact if one did read this book, one might ask "Why isn't that taught in history?" Indeed this book will bring a smile to your face and a few more brain cells satisfied. I would recomend this book for any one who has a rug under foot.