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 Organize Your Garage In No Time (In No Time)

Remember when you were so excited about your garage? You thought about how great it would be to be able to keep your car in there, away from the elements outside. Now, you're lucky if you can find a clear path for to walk through it, much less get your car inside. You want to get organized, but when you look at how much there is to find a home for, you get discouraged. Now you have help. Organize Your Garage In No Time provides step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow to-do lists to help you get and stay organized. You will learn how to arrange a garage based on use and budget. You'll even get specific product recommendations to help design the perfect storage solution using shelving, cabinets, peg hooks, wall and rafter hangers. Go from clutter and confusion to having a home for everything in your garage, including your car, using Organize Your Garage In No Time.

  Date Published 2/24/2005

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Rated By: Barbara Richardson
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Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Exceeded my expectations
This book was everything promised and more. Not only is it full of great tips, but it walked me through the process step-by-step and at long last, I can actually drive my car into my garage. I feel great and highly recommend Barry's easy to follow approach.
Rated By: Emily Wilska "The Organized Life"
From: San Francisco, CA
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Fun, Friendly, and Easy to Read
Garage organizing (or any organizing, for that matter) may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of fun. Barry Izsak's book may not necessarily change that completely, but it *will* make the organizing process a lot less daunting.

One of the things I like best about this book is its friendly, straightforward tone; it almost seems like Barry's right there next to you as you read. He's honest, direct, and funny, and he provides just the right amount of tough love to help you get over the hurdles between you and an organized garage.

Another great aspect of this book is that it's full of pictures and product recommendations. I picked up lots of ideas for garage furniture and gadgets I can use in my work as a professional organizer, and also came away with a better sense of how to deal with oddly shaped items and spaces when organizing garages.

Finally, though Barry touches on some organizing theory (i.e., where to begin, how to sort and purge, how to categorize, etc.), it never seems dry or overwhelming; rather, it's just enough to point you in the right direction and show you how to work through the process step-by-step. For anyone who's turned off by organizing books that seem too text-heavy or too theoretical, Organize Your Garage in No Time will be a welcome departure.
Rated By: Catherine J. Troutner
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Rating: Rating Average
Comments: I'd give this book six stars if I could
I have struggled with disorganization for years and buying this book was my last resort in trying to get my garage organized. With the help of this book and strong determination, I was able to get the job done in half the time I had expected and didn't have to buy near as many supplies as I had thought I would. The book was easy to read, easy to follow and for me...nothing short of a lifesaver! I also learned lots of great organizing tips which I can use in my house as well. I just love my newly organized garage!!
Rated By: California booster
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Rating: Rating Average
Comments: great guide for organization
Mr. Izsak has gathered a lot of useful information both on how to approach the task of organizing a garage and the kinds of systems that are available. Both the logical suggestions for how to tackle such a big project and the chapter on the organizing systems were very helpful. I found the latter especially useful and a time-saver because I could zero in onthe kind of systems that best fit my personal situation.

It was also very easy to use the table of contents to find the parts that I most needed. Mr. Izsak's book provides the tools to tackle a job most of us dread but really need to do.
Rated By: Rainey
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Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Great book for men and women!
I bought this book for my husband and for me. We are moving to a new home and this book was SO helpful in getting us organized right from the start. It is a book that everyone will find useful.The organizing information and sources are very detailed. I loved "Barry's best." My husband loved the tips to "take it to the max." There is something for everyone in this book and everyone with a garage needs Organize Your Garage In No Time!
Rated By: Joe Organizer
From: Plainfield, Illinois
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: The Best Book on Organizing A Garage
I am a professional organizer and I bought Barry's book to help me with a class I was teaching 'Attics, Basements, and Garages'. I loved the book because it gives you many different options of what you can use to organize various items in your garage. It wasn't pushing just one option, but telling you the different choices you had. I thought the pictures helped tremendously. I have shared this book with many students and clients as I go about teaching about and organizing garages. Thanks for the great book Barry!
Rated By: James V. O'Connor
From: Lake Forest, IL
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Surprise Bonus: This book's organizing principles work in your house!
This book offers so much more than I expected. First of all, it is amazingly comprehensive. Izsak tells you (entertainly) and shows you (with great pictures)the most efficient way to use every inch of your garage from floor to ceiling. He even presents the pros and cons of moving certain things to the basement, attic, a shed, or self-storage unit. Want to eliminate stuff? He offers tips on how to toss, donate, or sell. The book is so well organized (no surprise there!) and easy to read that you will find what you need, then keep on reading--the solutions to problems are that intriguing. If you are a woman, don't shy away thinking the garage is a man's domain. Anyone can follow Izsak's advice, and he even explains the safest way to lift things without injury. The appendix lists websites for investigating and purchasing shelves, cabinets, workbenches, containers and more. Best of all, many of his practical steps to the garage apply equally well to every room in the house. It's a great tool, reference book, and gift idea for someone who says he just doesn't know where to begin.
Rated By: Karen M. "Organized Now"
From: Zionsville, IN
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: At last the help I needed has arrived, and my garage thanks you!!
The garage has always been a sore spot around our house, until I discovered this book. It was just the help I needed to whip it into shape. Barry made it so easy, and the book delivers on its promise-to get the garage organized in no time. It worked so well that I bought several to give as holiday gifts to my four sisters-in-law who had the same problem! They loved it too.
Rated By: R. Lyman
From: Austin, TX
Rating: Rating Average
Comments: This book will help professional organizers & homeowners!
As a professional organizer, I really enjoyed this book. I thought that Barry's humor and easy style made this book a joy to read. I also found the tables, photos and spreadsheets very useful and informative. I have suggested that my clients read this book before we tackle their garage. It gives them a good overview of how we will analyze and plan their project and implement the systems we put in place.

Professional organizers and homeowners will benefit from the information they gain from reading Barry's book.
Rated By: Dave Wallingford
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Rating: Rating Average
Comments: Garage organization
This book is full of tips, shortcuts, and handy tidbits YOU can and will use to finallly clean up your messy garage. It is well grouped.
Buy the book, clean and organize your garage, then be proud of yourself for your accomplishment! Aren't you glad you bought the book?