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 Kid's Room: Ideas and Projects for Children's Spaces Any parent who has ever decorated a child's room has faced the same challenge: How do you create a stylish, functional space that still allows a kid to be a kid? Kids' Rooms solves that dilemma by offering fresh, original ideas for decorating your child's living space. Beautifully illustrated with 150 vivid photographs, this indispensable guide explores the necessities for making a room fun yet livable, and then brings these ideas to life with eleven great examples.
  Date Published 5/1/2001

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Comments: Simply the best book on this topic out there!
Jennifer Levy's book on kid's rooms is a much needed breath of fresh air in the home decorating book world. Looking for a book to inspire and teach me how to decorate my kid's room, I was shocked to find so many books with strange, difficult and outright unattractive ideas. This book is NOT one of those.

My favorite idea in the book is the folding screen with in New York City, where space is a real premium, I found that I could slip books, toys and other items in the pockets while use the screen as a natural divider. Jennifer's instructions were simple, easy and the photographs were gorgeous.

I'm buying this book for my friends. It was definitely worth it.

Rated By: karin
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Comments: A Waste Of Money
Basically I found this book showing pictures of what not to do. When I am looking to decorate my child's room, I would not want it to look like most of the pictures in the book. Also most of the pictures were geared towards little girls and not boys. The book was just empty. I read/skimmed it in ten minutes and then threw it aside, thinking to myself, what a waste. If you want something special for your children's rooms don't waste your time and money on this one!
Rated By: Kristen Ramsay "New Foster Mom"
From: Gresham, OR
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Comments: Not horrible, but there are better out there
The first 2/3 of the book deals with decorating elements -- light, color, furniture, and so on. If you are looking primarily for room after room of pictures to inspire you, this is not the one for you. There are only 9 projects in the 156 pages, and very little instruction on how to acheive a look, so if you are looking for a primer on mimicing a picture in the book -- its not for you. And as one reader noted, this manual is heavily girl-room centric. There are only 11 rooms profiled -- 8 of which are for girls only (highly reliant on pinks and purples, lace and sheers). The few "boy" rooms are nearer to gender neutral and are underdressed compared to the rest.