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 Kids' Sacred Places: Rooms for Believing and BelongingKids' Sacred Places: Rooms for Believing and Belonging
  Date Published 11/1/2005

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Rated By: Sarah G.
From: Chicago, Illinois
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Comments: At last this book is out!!!!!
I have been waiting for this book for nearly a year: I received an early review copy at a book expo. I heard the author Kelee Katillac speak there about these case studies that are in the book--she was motivated to help parents and kids create therapeutic rooms after her last appearance on Oprah. She calls this revolutionary decorating approach"heart and hand therapy". This book, with its glorious photos and inspiring stories, proves her method works. We see case after case in which families restore self-esteem and help kids through hard experiences through her heart and hand projects: these decoraring solutions act like home remedy medicine for bruised spirits . Also, they simply empower their creativity and make them self-sufficient in a "pride of accomplishment" way. For example , one bullying victim--a 12 year-old named Alex, made a lamp with other men's photos(Ghandi, Einstein, Dr, King, Satchel Paige, etc.) applied to remind him that he too can overcome adversity and become great. Katillac reminds us that we need visual reminders to help us think more positively about ourselves.This old-fashioned yet new fangled approach to helping ourselves and our kids is practical, fun, and simply stunning from a decorating point of view. In a time of feeling hooked on consumer stuff or helpless to effect change in the world, it is amazing to see what ordinary kids and working parents can do together to communicate, heal and survive in these complicated times. A multi-faceted book that is sure to become a best seller. It is easy to use , heart-touching to read, and stunningly beautiful.
Thank-you Kelee Katillac.
Rated By: K Rogers "Kathy"
From: Tucson, AZ
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Comments: Unique and Inspiring
I totally enjoyed the book - beautiful pictures, clear descriptions of projects and quality throughout. It provided inspiring ideas for quilting projects for my grandchildren and a wonderful use of bright colors.

The description of the children's social issues made an interesting tie with a unique decorating style. Creating projects which instilled the feelings of self worth and pride is great.

We have "loaned" our copy to our daughter. . . knowing the thoughts and ideas will be welcomed and utilized.
Rated By: Single parent "Carol"
From: Shawnee, KS
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Comments: Real life kid issues...hit home
As a single parent, I found Henry's chapter hit close to our home and close to my heart. Boys need their fathers. If they are lucky to spend every other weekend with them - it is still not enough. After reading Kids'Sacred Places, my son and I have decorated his bedroom with items that make my son feel proud of his relationship with his Dad - like the lasso he practices with right inside his room, since his Dad and him like to rope. Camo material pillows remind him of the hunting they do together around the farm, and the bulletin board with pictures of the rodeo they attended in Montana keeps my son's dream of being a bull rider/cowboy first hand. This book has lots of ideas to help parents find creative solutions to real life issues.
Rated By: Anne "Anne"
From: Kansas City
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Comments: Rooms for belonging
The children profiled in Kelee's book - Kids'Sacred Places are taking true ownership of their bedrooms, incorporating their favorite colors and ideas. I'm so glad to see the vibrant colors being used through out the rooms. Coming from a hispanic culture, I have suppressed my love for the bold color of yellow. Now, I've ridden my kitchen of the green ivy wallpaper and faux painted it YELLOW! I don't care what the neighbors's my home! Thanks to Kelee, I've had a break through!
Rated By: Sami Kathari "Sam"
From: New York, New York
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Comments: A Father of Four
Since my divorce, I don't have much time with my four boys. It is especially hard to talk with them when I have a week between visits. A friend's wife recommended this book. At first, I thought creativity and decorating wasn't for guys. Then, I started reading the inspiring stories of other families with heartache and issues like mine. They used creativity to communicate and get through it. The dads were involved with the heart and hands projects--that are like active therapy. I am not so good at talking but doing creative stuff helps us to break through the silence.

This has helped us a lot. Thank-you.
Rated By: S. Rock "Sandi"
From: Santa Rosa Beach, FL
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Comments: Building confidence in our children
Beyond the amazing rooms beautifully illustrated in Kids' Sacred Places,is the importance of parents doing something with their children. This book shows us how parents can lead their children through simple creative steps, using children's own individual ideas. This process builds confidence. Once children develop their confidence... anything is possible! Kelee's work is proof that these creative actions will help children face their fears, insecurities and peer pressure.
Rated By: Teacher & Nurse "Joel & Aimee"
From: Victorville, CA
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Comments: Motivational
Kids' Sacred Places motivated me as a mother to help find ways to encourage my children to bring out their own creativity. I believe as Kelee does that being creative helps improve a child's self-esteem. This book has great ideas in helping make that special place in your childrens' home personal for them. My husband who is a teacher and coach, is very excited to use some of these "heart and hand" projects in his classroom and also with our two sons.
Rated By: Darsy, a teacher "Darsy"
From: Los Angeles, CA
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Comments: A wonderfully written self-help process
I am a school teacher and counselor. I have read just about everything out there-- looking for solutions for my students. This is the first book that combines truly inspired writing; a simple action process; and the amazing proof of photography worthy of awards. Just looking at the photos motivated me--seeing what was possible. Then, I began to read what it all meant. How the heart issues of the kids became tangible through the creative heart and hand projects. On any basis this is an inspiring book--I even found my own creative desires reemerge. However, the real value is in bringing an action process to the intentions that we all have. Intentions for character, growth, esteem, confidence, and learning.
This is a spiritual process for anyone: combining the best ideas regardless of religous tradition or culture. Kelee Katillac redefines "sacred" as a personal term that can only be stated by ones own creativity and self-styled beliefs. This book gives teachers, parents, and kids a process for making one's own sense of self. And that is what is sacred about the rooms they have created.
Rated By: Liddy "Liddy"
From: Chicago, Illinois
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Comments: Inspiration for Adult Kids Too!!
This book has helped me to express creativity I haven't felt since I was a kid. My friends and I --I am 42 and they are about the same are using the book as therapy.We are meeting 1 time every two weeks and doing the heart & hands projects. It is fun and inspiring. I plan to use the book with my nieces this summer when they visit. It is beautiful and life-changing even for big kids too!!