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 Garden Rooms: Greenhouse, Sunroom and Solarium Design
  Date Published 5/1/1990

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Rated By: Patricia R. Andersen
From: Baltimore, MD
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Comments: great book for planning & dreaming
This book is absolutely beautiful to look at and dream of how you can have your own sunroom. But it's more than just a wish book - Mr Tanner gives information that you can use on a smaller scale in your own home. He shows how you can work a garden room into your house for a relatively low price - all the way from skylights to whole glass paneled rooms.

You can plan a tropic green house (good for those orchids you've always wanted to grow) or even a small kitchen herb garden - great for those fresh delights for your cooking.

Mr Tanner also gives practival advice on wht types of plants do well in what setting. The Latin name, as well as the common name is given so you'll know what to get at the store. If that's not enough help for you, there's lots of glorious color photographs so you can recognize exactly what you're looking for when you see it.

Another section of the book deals with the basics of building a glass addition to your house. It thoroughly explains where the addition should ideally be constructed, what type of glass and framework should be used as well as giving sources to help obtain the supplies.

So if you're thinking of adding a sunroom, or just want to dream about it, I recommend this book highly.