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 Fabric: The Fired Earth Book of Natural Texture

Of all the materials we use to enhance our interiors, none is more pleasing to our senses than fabric. From nubby linens to silky sheers, Fabric: The Fired Earth Book of Natural Texture will lead you deep into the sensuous world of textiles. Designers Elizabeth Hilliard and Stafford Cliff urge the reader to look at decorating with a fresh eye, and their book is brimming with new ideas. Each chapter is organized by texture: Natural looks at cottons and knits; Luxurious explores suedes and velvets; Translucent covers sheers and lace. Also taking the reader through satins and metals, as well as embossed, quilted, and printed fabrics, the authors then move on to Color: Simple and Exotic, exploring important color themes and explaining dyeing techniques. Drawing on striking and unusual imagery from the world around us, and filled with exquisite design images, including contemporary interiors, this gorgeous book will forever change the way you think about fabric in your home.

This sumptuous, photo–laden guide invites the home decorator to look at fabrics in a new way, focusing particularly on texture and color as sources of inspiration.

This decorating book is filled with color pictures--some relevant, some not--and floating, almost dreamy prose. Though U.S. designers will probably not recognize the name "Fired Earth," this is the second book in a series that emulates the style and tone of this European decorating retailer. Ex-journalist Hilliard and her cohort (a refuge from Terence Conran's Habitat) delight in developing sensual associations with fabrics and pairing emotive words with textiles. Luxurious, then, means velvets, paisleys, and faux leather. Reflective equates to glass, satin, anything with metal. Don't expect instructions or even templates to consider. Instead, it's to be gazed at--again and again and again. Glossary appended. Barbara Jacobs
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Fabric makes a difference to our lives -- it brings comfort and warmth, it creates mood and decorative style, but above all, its delicious textures are the key to enriching our homes. Of all the wonderful materials we use to enhance and decorate our interiors, fabric brings the most joy to our senses. From rough, slubby linens or soft velvets to shimmering, sleek sheers or seductive satins, Fabric: The Fired Earth Book of Natural Texture will lead you deep into this wonderful world of sight and touch. Taking inspiration from physical and visual texture, and the vast range of fabrics available today, Elizabeth Hilliard and Stafford Cliff celebrate the decorative use of fabric. They urge us to use fabric in all its guises to transform our living spaces and our lives. Fabric is bursting with exciting new ideas for use in our homes.

Our journey into the world of fabric takes us through the extraordinary variety of texture and colour, with thought-provoking images of natural, cultural and everyday objects, as well as glorious photographs of inspirational interiors. The authoritative text covers the many different types of fabric available, their history and their use. Each chapter considers the evocative qualities of fabric, from the cottons and linens of Natural, the wools of Luxurious, the muslins of Transluscent, the taffetas of Reflective and the patterns and visual fabrics of Printed and Colour. An intriguing introduction awakens our senses, while a short section at the back assists with any basic practical queries. Drawing on unusual imagery from the world around us and inspiration from Fired Earth, the company that specializes in natural paints, fabrics and other home products, Fabric, with its engaging text, exquisite design and superb photographs, provokes us to look at fabric in a fresh way and will inspire us to rethink the way we use fabric within our homes.

  Date Published 10/1/2002

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