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 Tassels for the Home : Creating Beautiful Decorations and Ornamental Trimmings (Homecrafts)
With this unique book you can create your own wonderful, opulent tassels at a fraction of the cost of commercially bought trimmings, and in the style and colors of your choice.
FYI to all you tassel makers out there who are already fans of Anna Crutchley's wonderful original hardcover book "The Tassels Book"... "Tassel Making", which came out in Sept 2000, is a softcover reprint of that original title. "Tassels for the Home", which was just released in Nov 2001, is another (second) softcover reprint of the same book. It is in a smaller size, which accounts for the slightly smaller price. It's still a great book, if you don't have either one of the first two. A huge disappointment though, for those of us who adore Anna and were salivating at the thought of a wonderful new book from her.

  Date Published 11/25/2001

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