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Windows and Skylights Total Hits - 602  |  Hits Today - 1Rating:   Rating Average (1)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Master the basics of installing and maintaining windows and skylights:
  • Step-by-step illustrations guide you every step of the way, from choosing an appropriate window style to framing an opening , from installing a skylight to repairing broken glass
  • Tricks of the trade help you achieve professional results. You'll find out: How to ease a binding sash.How to build a light shaft.How to install a skylight in an open-beam ceiling.
  • Color photos inspire you with window and skylight possibilities. "Toolkits" tell you exactly what tools you'll need before you begin.
  • Sunset editors demonstrate the latest tools, techniques, and materials to make your work easier and safer. Learn how to save time and money on your next home improvement job.
ISBN: 0376017694   Date Published on 1/1/1996
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Windows and Doors (Build Like A Pro)Total Hits - 3612  |  Hits Today - 0 Rating:   Rating Average (19)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
A frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding magazine, Scott McBride offers this comprehensive guide covering all aspects of an often daunting task. Step-by-step instructions take the homeowner through each process, including prepping and adjusting basic and specialized types of doors and windows. Lavishly illustrated with 225 color photos and 114 color illustrations, the book features tips, shortcuts, and advice on solving common challenges cut even difficult jobs down to manageable size.
ISBN: 1561584835   Date Published on 4/1/2002
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The Complete Guide to Doors & Windows (Black & Decker)Total Hits - 1234  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (21)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
One of the hottest home improvement trends is "daylighting" — remodeling to increase the number and size of windows and light-transmitting doors in a home. In addition, simple repair and replacement of doors and windows is a perennially popular home improvement project. This book is an all-in-one reference that provides everything a homeowner needs to know about choosing, repairing, replacing, and installing all types of windows and doors in all kinds of structures — houses, garages, sheds and outbuildings. It includes information on exterior doors, interior passage doors, sliding patio doors, French doors, skylights, and basement egress windows.

You'll find step-by-step directions and hundreds of photographs that take you through the process of framing new windows and doors as well replacing the ones you already have. There's even a section showing how to trim and finish windows and doors with hardware, locksets, wood trim, draperies, and other window treatments. Plus, we share ideas on ways you can make your doors and windows more secure and how to install digitally keyed locksets.
ISBN: 1589230450   Date Published on 8/1/2002
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Store Window Design Total Hits - 1190  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (21)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
For all the popularity of e-commerce, store windows are still the most effective way of selling new product to consumers. Window displays connect the reality of the street to the fantasy of the shop and also have a huge influence on the distribution of space within the store itself. This copiously illustrated book analyses current trends in window design and highlights examples marked by extraordinary creativity and visual inventiveness. Helpful captions accompany each photograph to explain the way lighting, props, and graphics contribute to successful displays.
ISBN: 3832790365   Date Published on 4/1/2005
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Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows Total Hits - 1157  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (24)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
In Working Windows, Revised and Updated Edition, Terry Meany explains with detail, humor, and accessibility everything you'll need to know to repair, replace, or restore almost any window, regardless of its age. You will find: detailed instructions for disassembling and repairing all sorts of wood windows, repair hints and tricks of the trade you won't find anywhere else, easy ways to clean and restore original hardware, safe and efficient methods of stripping, refinishing, and painting effective ways to eliminate drafts and rattles, invaluable information on tools and materials and more.
ISBN: 155821707X   Date Published on 9/1/1998
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Windowscaping: Designing With Light : Over 200 Home Plans Featuring Pella Windows Total Hits - 1087  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (21)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
This collection of outstanding homes provides the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Creative window planning splashes the indoors with wide views of the outdoors. Nature's rejuvenating light combines with our distinctive architecture to create the warmest sense of home. Tailored to fit your lifestyle, these light-enhancing home plans are displayed in sections arranged by square footage. They include:
  • Stylish homes for narrow lots
  • Innovative starter homes
  • Graceful move-up designs
  • Amenity-filled estates
  • Remodeling plans with a bright future
Whether the home of your dreams is large or small, we can help you find the perfect, light-enhancing plan. Complete blueprints are just a phone call away. Relax and enjoy nature's bounty in the comfort of your own home!
ISBN: 1881955516   Date Published on 3/1/1999
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Windows & Skylights: (Building Basic Series) Total Hits - 1016  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (13)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
“The proper window enhances a property’s value and offers increased energy efficiency....Spence offers a wealth of information on the types and styles of windows, energy efficiency, glazing materials, the installation of both new and replacement windows, and skylights....Like other volumes in this series, Spence’s title features colorful illustrations and excellent instructions. It is a good bet for every public library.”—Library Journal.
ISBN: 0806981075   Date Published on 12/31/2001
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Window Boxes: Indoors and Out ; 100 Projects & Planting Ideas for All Four Seasons Total Hits - 1002  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (20)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Container gardening is one of the hottest trends today. Why? Because the recent availability of plants with great genetics makes container gardening a sure thing for everyone. Then there's the market--it's full of containers that are low cost and low maintenance but have high visual appeal. And finally there are the container gardens themselves, which are easier to maintain than in-ground gardens, especially during drought years. Window Boxes offers dozens of inventive, innovative ideas for window box gardens. Once thought possible during only the warm spring and summer months, the art of creating (and the pleasure of admiring) window boxes can now be enjoyed every month of the year. Moving season by season, Cramer and Johnson show you how to use interesting indoor and outdoor containers and bold plant mixes that will keep your home colorful and visually stimulating all year round. Every gardener will appreciate the authors' inspired ideas and hard-working advice, as well as the dazzling full-color photographs in these pages. Window Boxes is a one-of-a-kind handbook that combines container gardening with flower arranging so that you can create glorious mini-gardens for outside and inside your home.
ISBN: 158017518X   Date Published on 2/1/2004
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Windows & Skylights (Best of Fine Homebuilding) Total Hits - 991  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (13)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Windows & Skylights (Best of Fine Homebuilding)
ISBN: 1561581275   Date Published on 3/14/1996
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Contemporary Windows Total Hits - 968  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (27)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
An invaluable sourcebook for architects, students, and design enthusiasts, this volume explores windows in contemporary building design. Over 45 projects by the world's leading designers demonstrate the unlimited aesthetic possibilities of windows. Case studies on residential, commercial, and retail projects from around the world are illustrated with color photographs and architectural drawings.
ISBN: 1840006382   Date Published on 5/1/2003

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