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Carpet StyleTotal Hits - 2380  |  Hits Today - 1 Rating:   Rating Average (8)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
A comprehensive guide to carpets and rugs, Carpet Style defines the classic styles of the world's carpets and rugs, details the landmark styles in history and offers suggestions on how to incorporate each style of rug into your home.
ISBN: 0785808167   Date Published on 11/1/1997
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The Flooring Handbook: The Complete Guide to Choosing and Installing FloorsTotal Hits - 1832  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (10)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
All the major flooring materials... are discussed in detail in this user-friendly guide... clear, well-illustrated installation instructions.
ISBN: 1552977536   Date Published on 4/1/2004
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Great Carpet Cover-up: The Book That Exposes Consumer Fraud and Guides You around It!Total Hits - 1212  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (9)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
the subtitle: "The Book That Exposes Consumer Fraud And Guides You Around It!" explains the thrust of the book. It is a consumer's guide to carpeting and was supported by Cal-Perg (Ralph Nader's California consumer advocate organization).

Both the present and past president of the California Carpet Cleaning Institute has endorsed this book.

What You Don't Know About Your Carpet Is Costing You Thousands of Dollars!

These days nearly everyone has carpet in his or her home and you probably do too. Wall to wall carpet is as common today as a car in the driveway or a television set in the living room. After a home and an automobile it is the third most expensive investment made in your lifetime.

The majority of people today know very little about this expensive investment. The sad truth is that less than one percent of the population knows enough about carpeting to make the proper choice of purchase, or even the best method of cleaning.

Ten years of research into consumer floor covering problems has made author Robert L. Selby one of the most knowledgeable men in his field. His experiences with home owners, renters, real estate and property management firms have brought into focus the tremendous lack of knowledge that the consumer has in regard to their floor covering., he also has uncovered widespread fraud, incompetence and deceptive advertising by carpet retailers and so-called "professional" carpet cleaners.

"Knowledge is the key to protection", states the author. So it is through this book that you, the consumer, may be aided in all phases of floor covering... from purchases to sots and stains and every thing in between. The Great Carpet Cover-Up may well be one of your most important possessions.

ISBN: 0894960369   Date Published on 6/1/1982
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Potential health risks from carpets and carpeting materialTotal Hits - 1142  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (8)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Potential health risks from carpets and carpeting material: Hearing before the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Subcommittee of the Committee ... Third Congress, first session, June 11, 1993
ISBN: 0160432065   Date Published on 1/1/1993
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Carpet Buying Secrets RevealedTotal Hits - 1026  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (9)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
A complete consumer carpet buying guide. Consumers will learn how to select the proper carpet and padding for their needs, learn about fibers and quality ratings, keep from being ripped-off, hire experienced carpet installers and have the whole job done properly and at a reasonable price.

Written by a 25 year expert in the carpet business. It is a must-read for any consumer that plans on buying carpet for the home, office or rental.

Alan J. Fletcher is a 25-year veteran of the flooring business and the author of Landlord Floors, carpet and vinyl management for rentals. In this book, he exposes the truth about the flooring business and reveals ways for consumers to save money on carpet for the home. He currently offers his services as a speaker, trainer and consultant to the property management industry.

Mr. Fletcher is a Consumer Rights Advisor to and has featured many flooring articles in property management association newsletters and magazines. The California Apartment Association currently uses his book as a textbook for training rental property managers. Visit his website at


ISBN: 0971780250   Date Published on 6/1/2002
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All About Carpets: A Consumer Guide Total Hits - 993  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (8)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating

Householders who face an array of carpeting materials with confusing specifications will find help in this primer. Revere, an experienced carpet inspector, lucidly untangles carpet manufacture: yarn types, styles, textures and dyeing techniques are evaluated. He explains how to choose a carpet for particular requirements and how to select underlay and and a professional installer, leaving final selection to individual needs and decorating preferences. Stout-hearted do-it-yourselfers will appreciate his thorough instructions for carpet installation, and almost all householders can benefit from the maintenance procedures suggested. Revere also spells out how to remedy typical carpet defects, such as shedding and roll crush marks, and offers the cost-conscious useful advice on how to combat odors, repair burns and complain effectively to distributors. Yet his reluctance to recommend carpet types or manufacturers sets limits on the usefulness of his "consumer guide." Illustrated.
Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


ISBN: 0830604464   Date Published on 12/1/1988
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The Carpet Installation Training Handbook Total Hits - 972  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (11)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
This is the complete carpet installation training handbook. It covers all of the beginner through advanced terms and technologies. This handbook walks you through all of the installation procedures step by step. The handbook includes: measuring for carp

This is the complete carpet installation training handbook. It covers all of the beginner through advanced terms and technologies. This handbook walks you through all of the installation procedures step by step. The handbook includes: measuring for carpet, stretch-in carpet procedures, hand sewing, glue down carpet, steps, non-stretchable carpets, carpeting around posts and over ledges, among other valuable information. The Carpet Installation Training Handbook is illustrated with action photographs of real installers working on real jobs, unlike other dull technical instruction books that leave you in a daze. It's written in plain English and packed with information. It is one of the best books on the subject.
I work for a property management firm. We just started doing out carpet in house. I searched for installation training as was unable to find any. I even went to many different flooring tool suppliers and I was still unable to come up with any references on the subject. This book is an invaluable training aid for new installers. A follow up video would be great.

The content within this book is excellent. It takes the mystery out of installing carpet. It's modern, being published in 2002, and the author really knows what he is talking about. It's designed as a training handbook for assistant installers, but it is a perfect resource for the do-it-yourselfer, as well.

The book opens with a section on professionalism, attire, cleanliness, and tattoo's. It's an awkward beginning for the do-it-yourselfer, but the message is well intended, and I found it humorous to read (I agree with the authors view about tattoo's). The organization of the book is somewhat unusual with a glossary being in the first section, but it actually makes good sense, since you will need to know the terms as baseline information to help you get started. I would suggest that the author move it to an appendix and and refer to it within the text.

ISBN: 0967369606   Date Published on 9/15/2002
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Carpets and Floor Coverings for Your Home Total Hits - 948  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (0)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
The first part of this book 'inspires' the homeowners to choose the right carpet and other floor coverings for color and other factors, and part 2 describes the more practical matters related to laying, cleaning and caring for the materials. This is done in a well tried question and answer technique with beautiful pictures and informative captions.
ISBN: 1899163093   Date Published on 5/1/1995
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Carpets for the Home Total Hits - 933  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (9)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Whether one lives in a classic townhouse, country farmhouse, or urban apartment, choosing the right carpet can be a daunting prospect; this is the first book to guide the reader through the process. The selection of carpets featured in these pages includes both antique and contemporary Oriental, European, and American carpets. Over 200 photographs illustrate a broad range of inspired color schemes in different interiors with carpets of all sizes, to aid the carpet collector or homeowner in showcasing their treasures.

The authors discuss the various types of interiors for which carpets are intended, with focus on why and how the design, colors, and textures of specific carpets work with certain room settings. Imaginative ideas showing how carpets can be used to create a wide variety of design effects are included, such as Wild West rooms with Navajo rugs, stunning ethnic-style outdoor rooms with Turkoman flatweaves and Indian dhurries, rustic French farmhouses with cotton runners, Manhattan lofts with carpets used as wall hangings, country houses in Europe and America with floral Savonnerie carpets, and attractive staircases covered with Turkish kilims . There is also a discussion of the history of carpet display in the western domestic interior-- from the earliest export of Oriental rugs to Europe in the fifteenth century to the present day, the age of the designer carpet.

Detailed information is given about the typical characteristics of each type of carpet by geographical area, such as the weave, size, and use of traditional motifs. The book concludes with a glossary of terms, a useful list of further reading, practical information on care and repair, and an international directory of carpet dealers and museums with noteworthy carpet collections.
Amicia de Moubray writes a weekly column for Country Life. She is the author of Decorating with Pattern (1997). A former Senior Features Editor of Vogue (USA), she has also worked on The World of Interiors, H & G (USA), the Architects' Journal and as Shop and Design Editor of Harpers & Queen.

David Black has been a London Oriental carpet dealer since 1964. He has published eight books on carpets including Arts and Crafts Carpets, World Rugs and Carpets and Woven Gardens. His specialist interest lies in decorative carpets and tribal weavings.
This book is more then just a reference guide of carpets from around the world. It shows how carpets can be used in various interiors, from country houses to a city pied-a-terre. The authors go into detail about color, design, and texture and use actual interiors to show the many ways that carpets can be used. From the great rooms of Chatsworth, to staircases, entry halls, bedrooms in a small cottage, nothing is left to the imagination. Useful chapters include "Care & Repair" and an excellent international directory. There are also excellent examples of antique, traditional, and contemporary rugs from every part of the world as well as a good section on Kilms. This book is very useful for anyone who wants to get ideas about how to use and decorate with rugs, and more importantly WHICH rug is best for a particular setting.
ISBN: 0847822001   Date Published on 11/20/1999
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Contract CarpetingTotal Hits - 543  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (1)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Contract Carpeting: A Critical Guide to Specifications and Performance for Architects and Designers
ISBN: 0823071308   Date Published on 10/1/1974