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William Morris and Red House: A Collaboration Between Architect and OwnerTotal Hits - 995  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (19)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
A lavish record of an extraordinary collaboration between designer and architect—and the catalyst for the William Morris style.

Red House occupies a singular place in British architectural history: it was the first and only house that was built for designer William Morris, and it was the first independent architectural commission for his friend, Philip Webb. The challenge of furnishing the house inspired Morris and his Pre-Raphaelite friends to found the design firm of Morris & Co., which was the flagship for what was to become the Arts & Crafts movement. Red House captured Morris’ heart. He was only 25 when, in 1858, he married Jane Burden, whose beauty was the inspiration for much of Pre-Raphaelite art. With his young wife, he planned to produce a vision of "earthly paradise" at Red House; however, the idyll was found to be impractical, and Morris left after five years. Because of its illustrious first owner, Red House was never forgotten, and a succession of tenants kept Morris’ spirit alive in the house; in 2003, Red House was acquired for the National Trust. This handsome volume provides both the story of Red House and a "virtual tour" that enables the reader to see how this splendid house looked and functioned when it was inhabited by the celebrated designer.

ISBN: 1905400012   Date Published on 4/1/2006
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Designer's Best Two-Story Home Plans Total Hits - 968  |  Hits Today - 1Rating:   Rating Average (13)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Three of America's top-selling and award-winning designers have come together to create a beautifully photographed and illustrated collection of two-story home plans. With designs that emphasize and complement the lifestyles of today's families, this anthology showcases the most sought-after features in modern residential design, including main-floor master suites, guest bedrooms with complete baths, well-appointed open floor plans and versatile spaces...all in the popular two-story footprint. Featuring full-color photography, front and rear color renderings, landscape and interior designs ideas, as well as 320 best-selling home plans, this book will be a favorite for years to come.
ISBN: 1932553150   Date Published on 1/15/2006
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Rooms Outside the House: From Gazebos to Garden RoomsTotal Hits - 967  |  Hits Today - 1Rating:   Rating Average (18)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Book Description

Rooms Outside the House presents an innovative range of building types for rooms and freestanding structures that will extend the living space of your home.

Building structures beyond the walls of your home can be an inexpensive yet creative way to expand and enhance your living space. Rooms Outside the House presents a broad range of projects encompassing a variety of purposes such as pool houses and saunas, dining and entertaining rooms, and even freestanding private libraries, all built to blend into your home's garden space.

Featuring the work of top architects such as Bolin Cwynski, Miro Rivera Architects, Hanranhan and Meyers, Frank Harmond, and more, Rooms Outside the House provides beautiful full-color photography and detailed architectural plans that are sure to inspire new ways of thinking about your home and garden space.

ISBN: 0060749814   Date Published on 9/20/2005
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House Framing: Plan, Design, BuildTotal Hits - 1099  |  Hits Today - 1Rating:   Rating Average (17)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
House Framing: Plan, Design, Build leads homeowners through the steps of building a structure by means of platform framing, the most popular style of framing in use today. Beginning with background information, the book provides readers with everything they need to know about building, including structural loads and how they interact, sizing lumber, working with tools, and reading blueprints. The book then takes the reader through the framing process-from foundations to floor framing, wall framing, roof framing, sheathing, and more. This expanded and revised edition ends with three project chapters: building stairs, finishing a basement with steel studs, and framing a bay window. Each chapter covers both construction and design information.
ISBN: 1580112358   Date Published on 6/1/2005
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Adding Character with Architectural Details (Better Homes and Gardens)Total Hits - 3723  |  Hits Today - 1 Rating:   Rating Average (16)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Homeowners get an overview of the elements of character and an understanding of how to add these elements to rooms in their homes.

Dozens of striking photographs offer ideas for irresistible charm, comfort, style, and visual pizzazz.

Room-by-room options add built-in character, including beds, window seats, bookcases, front-entry benches, mantels, and fireplaces.

Easy decorating and remodeling techniques aid whole-house transformations or smaller projects.

Examples and advice guide do-it-yourselfers and people working with an architect or builder.

ISBN: 0696222256   Date Published on 4/12/2005
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Getaway Plans: 250 Home Plans for Cottages, Bungalows & CapesTotal Hits - 930  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (13)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
-Plan your escape while browsing 250 of the finest smaller home designs, each with complete blueprints available.

-Maximizing a small living space is a popular trend in home design whether it's a getaway spot or not.

-Learn how to create a comfortable atmosphere in a small space, with helpful tips and tours of beautiful homes.

-Discover design tips for a simpler lifestyle.

-Getaway Plans is a perfect volume for anyone looking to create their own relaxing place to escape life's pressures - whether it's a vacation home or primary residence!

ISBN: 1931131376   Date Published on 3/10/2005
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Cozy Cottage Home Designs (Home Plans)Total Hits - 884  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (16)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Providing a unique combination of full-color photography and illustrations, Cozy Cottage Home Designs offers readers 250 plans of the best-selling and stylish home designs available in this genre. From traditional cottages to comfortable country cabins, this book offers home designs that meet the needs and budget of most readers. In addition to the house plans, the book offers practical tips and planning and design advice that will be welcome by those wishing to build a house and create the home of their dreams.
ISBN: 1580112226   Date Published on 10/1/2004
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Mediterranean Inspiration: 125 Home Plans Inspired by Southern European StyleTotal Hits - 1236  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (23)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Mediterranean inspiration Bringing the allure of the sunkissed Mediterranean directly into readers hands, all 125 home plans are inspired by the traditional Southern European style.
ISBN: 1931131090   Date Published on 8/1/2004
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Rooms for Living: 126 Home Plans With Fabulous Great Rooms, Kitchens and Master SuitesTotal Hits - 1083  |  Hits Today - 1Rating:   Rating Average (17)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Rooms for Living is a valuable, exciting collection for anyone looking to create a home that they’d be happy to show off to friends - but even happier to live in.

Bring style and comfort to every room.

This gorgeous, full-color collection celebrates comfortable and functional living where it matters most – in great rooms, master suites, and kitchens.

Detailed renderings and floor plans showcase homes in a variety of styles, and blueprints are available for every home.

Readers will find expert advise to help them make the most of their living spaces, whether they’re building or remodeling.

With a wealth of bright, colorful photography, this is more than a home plan resource – it’s also a source of hundreds of inspiring ideas.

ISBN: 1931131295   Date Published on 8/1/2004
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Waterfront Homes: 189 Home Plans for River, Lake or Sea Total Hits - 988  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (14)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
A collection of gorgeous homes for those who dream of life on the water’s edge.

-Open floor plans with expansive views!

-Enjoy the beauty of a home alongside a lake, river, or ocean in this exclusive collection of homes designed for waterfront living.

-Whether readers are planning to build a year-round home or join the growing vacation home market, this book will delight and inspire them.

-This title showcases home plans that feature open floor plans, ample master suites and great rooms, large windows to enjoy the view, and porches and decks that extend the living space and embrace the outdoors.

-With an enhanced editorial section and the latest trends in home design, this second edition improves upon the best-selling original.

ISBN: 1931131287   Date Published on 7/1/2004

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