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The familiar image of the Italian countryside - hills crowned with groups of tall cypresses and rambling stone houses - dates back to early medieval times. But all the main features of that landscape are still there, particularly in the countryside of Tuscany, where many of the houses featured can be found. The first part of the book explores the essential ingredients of the style, taking in colour and texture and looking at the inimitable mixture of simplicity and comfort evident in furniture and fabrics, and going on to admire the innate gift the Italians have for living outside. The second part looks in more detail at the individual country houses. Whether Rustic, Contemporary, Exotic or Traditional in character, these homes offer myriad ideas for interior decoration that are easily incorporated into other lives and cultures.
ISBN: 1841728004   Date Published on 3/1/2005
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Bringing Tuscany Home : Sensuous Style From the Heart of Italy Total Hits - 926  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (14)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Bringing Tuscany Home: Sensuous Style from the Heart of Italy
ISBN: 0767917464   Date Published on 10/5/2004
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The Tuscan house, whether a simple homestead or expansive villa, has become one of the most sought-after living environments. Its design is virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages, when landowners in the golden hills of Tuscany built country retreats with gardens, porticoes, and loggias. The landowners often drew upon the natural resources of the region-and it is these materials that give the Tuscan house its unique character. Tuscan Elements brings to life the colors, textures, and aesthetics of the Tuscan house-the magnificent stone and marble work; the hardwoods like chestnut, oak, and elm; earthy terra-cotta and brick; and the all-important water feature, used in ponds, fountains, and pools. This unique, visual sourcebook deconstructs the typical Tuscan home and examines its basic components in dazzling detail, from the tiled roof and floor, thick stone exterior walls, and vine-covered loggia to the exposed wooden beams, luminous frescoes, and the sunny courtyard garden with an ancient well or exquisite swimming pool. Filled with extraordinary photos by world-famous interiors photographer Simon McBride, Tuscan Elements emphasizes living life well with a home that nurtures and comforts, accentuates the importance of family and friends, and entertains with good food and drink. For anyone interested in infusing their present home and garden with a little bit of Tuscany, here is a delightful source of never- ending inspiration.
ISBN: 0823054802   Date Published on 3/1/2003
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Mediterranean Style: Relaxed Living Inspired by Strong Colors and Natural Materials Total Hits - 1193  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (10)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Vibrant, informal, and, above all, refreshingly simple, Mediterranean style is synonymous with easy living. From Provence and Tuscany to Marrakech, an imaginative sense of color and pattern prevails as well as an inspiring use of natural materials. With colors inspired by Mediterranean regions, this book reveals the areas's preference for strong, sun-drenched colors - turquoise, ocher, earthy red, and lime - and the subtleties of local patterns found in details of Moorish mosaics, ceramic tiles, and kilim rugs. Photographs of places on the Mediterranean accompany the informative text and guide us through the parts of a home - walls, floors, windows, doors, furnishings, display, and outdoor spaces. In addition, there are twelve imaginative projects with clear illustrations that explain how to incorporate this style into a contemporary home.
ISBN: 0789204304   Date Published on 3/1/1998