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Charles Faudree's Country French Living Total Hits - 6854  |  Hits Today - 0 Rating:   Rating Average (5)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
One of America's top 100 designers, Charles Faudree has worldwide appeal with his interpretation of Country French. Charles Faudree's Country French Living features his newest room designs. From the entryway to the dressing room to walls, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces, Charles teaches principles of design that make a house a Country French home:

  • The importance of the bedroom and how to make it a soothing sanctuary, deserving as much attention to beauty and detail as the rest of the home.
  • How to identify a pivotal fabric, a dominant color, or one magnificent antique that will dictate the style and design for a whole room.
  • How books can create an inviting atmosphere and add a warmth all their own.
  • How a valance is the ultimate decorating deceit, and how window treatments express the personality of a room and add a proper finish.
  • How to use walls as they are meant -- as a stage on which to display one's favorite collections.
  • How to use symmetrical groupings that provide a sense of balance and order in a room.

    Charles Faudree's Country French Living also shows how to make the most of accessories like lamps, pillows, baskets, paintings, and more to finish a room and provide the charm and character so important in a well-designed French Country setting. Country French Living reveals that the true test of a beautiful room is in the details.

  • ISBN: 1586857150   Date Published on 11/3/2005
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    A French Country Home : Style and EntertainingTotal Hits - 1249  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (7)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    Jocelyne Sibuet, known as France's answer to Martha Stewart, has spent 20 years as a hostess and hotelier seeking out the styles, flavors, and interiors that define the French country home. She has written this book in response to the many inquiries of her admiring guests, who seek to re-create the French country style in their own home. From mountain top chalets and beachside cottages to rustic farmhouses, Jocelyne shows how to use colors from nature, make different styles work together, and find sources of inspiration for every corner of your home: living rooms, bedrooms, gardens, terraces, and kitchens.

    And no kitchen would be complete without the irresistible scent of her authentic cooking wafting through the door. Each chapter features Jocelyne's recipes, which range from breakfast muesli and spiced hot chocolate to a grand Christmas dinner. Other recipes include raspberry wine, baked sea bream, vegetable tart, cuttlefish ink risotto, lemon mousse, and blueberry tart.

    Jocelyne's own black book of the best sources for these French country goods completes the text with the best addresses for fabric, furniture, antiques, and regional products.
    ISBN: 2080304739   Date Published on 5/31/2005
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    New French Country : A Style and Source Book Total Hits - 711  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (4)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    New French Country: A Style and Source Book
    ISBN: 0609610414   Date Published on 4/27/2004
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    French Country Living Total Hits - 652  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (2)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    Celebrating the distinctive decorative style inspired over many centuries by the French countryside. French Country Living is an invaluable resource for anyone who has ever longed to bring home a piece of France. Combining evocative photographs with elegant and illuminating text by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, the book argues that the familiar romantic landscape is still a vital part of France, and that the roots of most French people lie firmly in the rural way of life. The first part, The Elements, explores the ingredients that make up the whole: the subtle color palette of soft warm grays, cloudy pinks, and misty greens, the traditional materials, the furniture, and the textiles. Then there are the distinctive, often unchanging, objects and accessories, from ceramics to silver to pictures.

    The second part. The Spaces, looks at the overall style. It begins at the heart of the French home, in the kitchen and dining area -- where wood, stone, and tiles are often combined in imaginative and practical ways -- before moving on to explore living rooms, halls and corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as that most vital of country spaces, the terrace or "outdoor room." The book ends with an invaluable directory of resources. French Country Living distills the natural comfort and easy charm found in all aspects of French country style -- and in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom -- showing how to translate the particular elements into your own setting, whether rustic or urban.

    ISBN: 1841726028   Date Published on 4/1/2004
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    Charles Faudree's French Country Signature Total Hits - 5114  |  Hits Today - 0 Rating:   Rating Average (26)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    Charles Faudree has elevated French Country style to a fine art. With an exuberant decorating attitude based around his favorite principle that "too much is never enough," Faudree has achieved an international reputation for creating settings that have all the elegant accoutrements of a French Country estate, lacking pretension but never charm.

    With a discerning taste for the eclectic, Faudree is a master at one of the main tenets of this style-combining traditional prints, patterns, colors, and textures with just the right furnishings. Faudree has always been drawn, almost charismatically, to the charm of Country French. He comments, "There is simplicity, a gentle softness to the furnishings I find very calming and soothing. I love the mix of fabrics, blending plaids with florals and old tapestries. Country French is a truly working-class style."

    Faudree is delighted to finally share his extensive knowledge with the public, in this long-overdue book that focuses on how to make any home into an elegant, inviting, and comfortable French Country retreat.

    ISBN: 1586852884   Date Published on 12/1/2003
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    Provencal Interiors: French Country Style in America Total Hits - 1010  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (16)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    8 1/2 X 10 In, 160 Pp, 125 Color Photos. Provencal Interiors: Inspired by the sun-drenched colors of southern France, french country, or provencal, decorating is the epitome of understated luxury, as fitting in the city and suburbs as in rural reaches. No matter that it's roots are firmly planted in the small stone farmhouse, or mas, the typical dwelling in the provencal region. It is eqaully appealing in a remote chateau as in a stately manor house, or bastide. The most inviting homes exude comfort,tradition, and grace. Most people, though, say it is charm that best characterizes the french interior. Through stunning photographs, informative text, and an extensive resource list, provincal interiors detail everything necessary for creating this harmonious mingling in America.
    ISBN: 087905848X   Date Published on 9/1/1998