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Ceramic Tile : Selecting, Installing, MaintainingTotal Hits - 2094  |  Hits Today - 0 Rating:   Rating Average (20)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Ceramic Tile: Selecting, Installing, Maintaining covers everything that a DIYer needs to know about tiling floors, walls, counters, patios, and more. This is the only book to provide exhaustive background and how-to information along with step-by-step color photos in a complete package. Design and planning information helps readers select the right tile and prepare the site. Tiling skills, tools, and techniques are covered in detailed photos. Shows tile projects in how-to, step-by-step sequences. A complete tile-repair and maintenance guide is included. The emphasis is on solid, durable installations that can stand up to years of use in kitchens, baths, and other areas including exterior applications.
ISBN: 1580110479   Date Published on 4/29/2006
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Ceramic Tile Essentials (Quick Steps series)Total Hits - 1653  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (0)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Ceramic Tile Essentials
ISBN: 0865738734   Date Published on 4/24/2006
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Ceramic Tile How to : Real People-Real Projects (Hometime Series)Total Hits - 2361  |  Hits Today - 0 Rating:   Rating Average (3)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Dean and Robin show step-by-step how to use ceramic tile to add character to any room in the house. If its well installed, ceramic tile will last a lifetime, youll wish that werent so every time you look at a poorly designed job. Hometimes Ceramic Tile shows you how to design and install a ceramic tile job youll be happy with for a long time to come.
ISBN: 1890257052   Date Published on 4/26/2006
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Ceramic Tile SettingTotal Hits - 1453  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (18)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Given the high prices that contractors charge for ceramic tile jobs, many homeowners would undoubtedly consider installing it themselves, if they had the proper guidance. Also in the last ten to fifteen years, tile used in new homes is often glued to nothing more than plasterboard. The life expectancy of this type of installation is generally less than two or three years, which means that homeowners must pay to have the tile torn out and redone-an expensive proposition. Now, John P. Bridge comes to the rescue, providing do-it-yourselfers with all of the information they need to complete ceramic tile projects with long lasting, professional results. Bridge begins with a brief discussion of the tools of the trade, materials required, and various types of masonry tile. Readers will then find easy-to-follow instructions for installing floors, tub surrounds, walls, and counter tops. Bridge takes readers step-by-step through the entire process, from surface preparation, layout, and design to setting the tile, grouting, and finishing
ISBN: 0830625720   Date Published on 4/24/2006
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ChandeliersTotal Hits - 886  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (20)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz are the design columnists for the Boston Globe magazine. Their Boston-based design company, C&J Katz Studio, is engaged in a broad range of work including retail spaces, corporate headquarters, restaurants, residences, exhibits, and furniture. Their writing and design work is centered on the idea that good design should simply bean everyday fact of life. The Katzes are the authors of Room Recipes: Ingredients for Great Looking Rooms and Chandeliers. They live in Boston with their children, Fanny and Oliver.
ISBN: 1564968057   Date Published on 4/25/2006
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Chandeliers Total Hits - 911  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (16)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
The crowning glory in many a classically proportioned room, the chandelier is once again enjoying the spotlight. This book takes the reader through the history of the chandelier from its first candle-lit forms to the innovative designs produced today. With 200 beautiful photos in a variety of settings, this book reveals what a chandelier can do for your home.

ISBN: 0821227688   Date Published on 4/26/2006
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Charles Faudree's Country French Living Total Hits - 6826  |  Hits Today - 3 Rating:   Rating Average (5)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
One of America's top 100 designers, Charles Faudree has worldwide appeal with his interpretation of Country French. Charles Faudree's Country French Living features his newest room designs. From the entryway to the dressing room to walls, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces, Charles teaches principles of design that make a house a Country French home:

  • The importance of the bedroom and how to make it a soothing sanctuary, deserving as much attention to beauty and detail as the rest of the home.
  • How to identify a pivotal fabric, a dominant color, or one magnificent antique that will dictate the style and design for a whole room.
  • How books can create an inviting atmosphere and add a warmth all their own.
  • How a valance is the ultimate decorating deceit, and how window treatments express the personality of a room and add a proper finish.
  • How to use walls as they are meant -- as a stage on which to display one's favorite collections.
  • How to use symmetrical groupings that provide a sense of balance and order in a room.

    Charles Faudree's Country French Living also shows how to make the most of accessories like lamps, pillows, baskets, paintings, and more to finish a room and provide the charm and character so important in a well-designed French Country setting. Country French Living reveals that the true test of a beautiful room is in the details.

  • ISBN: 1586857150   Date Published on 9/2/2006
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    Charles Faudree's French Country Signature Total Hits - 5092  |  Hits Today - 2 Rating:   Rating Average (26)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    Charles Faudree has elevated French Country style to a fine art. With an exuberant decorating attitude based around his favorite principle that "too much is never enough," Faudree has achieved an international reputation for creating settings that have all the elegant accoutrements of a French Country estate, lacking pretension but never charm.

    With a discerning taste for the eclectic, Faudree is a master at one of the main tenets of this style-combining traditional prints, patterns, colors, and textures with just the right furnishings. Faudree has always been drawn, almost charismatically, to the charm of Country French. He comments, "There is simplicity, a gentle softness to the furnishings I find very calming and soothing. I love the mix of fabrics, blending plaids with florals and old tapestries. Country French is a truly working-class style."

    Faudree is delighted to finally share his extensive knowledge with the public, in this long-overdue book that focuses on how to make any home into an elegant, inviting, and comfortable French Country retreat.

    ISBN: 1586852884   Date Published on 9/2/2006
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    Check Points on How to Buy Oriental RugsTotal Hits - 999  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (3)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    This book gives sound advice for the rug purchaser. It also includes and gives special emphasis on the care and cleaning of your rugs in your home.
    ISBN: 0804816271   Date Published on 4/30/2006
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    Children's Rooms & Play YardsTotal Hits - 831  |  Hits Today - 0Rating:   Rating Average (1)    |  View Ratings  |  Add Your Rating
    Create a friendly, cozy room where your child can play, work, sleep, or just make-believe. Choose from hundreds of imaginative ideas for nurseries, bedrooms, play places, storage, and more. Decorate kids' special spaces with paint, fabric - or art they created themselves. Build outdoor play structure that provide fun exercise, and special opportunities for making friends.
    ISBN: 0376010576   Date Published on 9/6/2006

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