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Powder Rooms Grab More Attention

(ARA) - They might be the smallest rooms in many homes, but powder rooms today are getting more than their share of attention as evidenced by the growing number of homes being built with a powder room (approximately 84 percent according to research by Moen Incorporated) and the large percentage of remodeling projects focused around them. Not only are powder rooms being remodeled and upgraded more often than most other rooms in the house, but they are also benefiting from larger investments as a number of manufacturers are creating high-style products designed exclusively for them.
“Consumers are recognizing that the powder room is a highly visible part of the home seen by guests more often than nearly any other room, perhaps with the exception of the kitchen,” explained Margie Rowe of Moen. “In addition, because of its smaller size, it is easier for the homeowner to make a big statement with a relatively low budget. We see consumers becoming more and more creative in their approach to outfitting the powder room. Even if the rest of the home is done in a traditional style, homeowners realize it’s acceptable to break the rules and have a little fun.”

More than any other room in the house, the powder room today provides a unique opportunity for homeowners to experiment with their sense of style without breaking the bank. It also provides a means to significantly boost your home’s value. Powder rooms are currently in such high demand that many realtors confirm the addition of a powder room to a home that formerly had only one full bath can mean a return of $15,000 to $20,000, depending on location. Is it any wonder, then, that Moen research indicates nearly 70 percent of consumers will upgrade their powder room faucets -- a percentage that is equal to those who are expected to upgrade their master bath faucets.

Products being used to upgrade powder rooms include:

* Faucets and bathroom accessories

* Vessel sinks and furniture-like vanities

* Open sink bases, pedestal sinks, corner-mount lavatories and in-wall toilet tanks

* Natural materials, such as glass, stone and wood

* Natural finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and wrought iron

* Fun fabrics and bright colors

* Sculptural accents, such as specialty lights and mirrors

Regardless of the specific product or style, designers say one common link is an increasing willingness on the part of consumers to spend more money than before on products that can help achieve a sense of style in the powder room.

Moen is a prime example of a company aggressively responding to this trend by focusing a number of its new product introductions exclusively on the powder room. As part of its new brand -- ShowHouse by Moen -- the company is introducing three full powder room suites in 2004, complete with trendy faucets and matching accessories, including towel bars and rings, toilet paper holders and toilet tank levers. With the new introductions, homeowners have the opportunity to make a well coordinated style statement that expresses their personality. And it doesn’t matter what style has been chosen for the rest of the house.

The new Bamboo Powder Room Collection from ShowHouse by Moen is designed to bring the outside in through an open waterway that allows water to spill over the faucet’s edge, simulating the look and feel of natural waterfall. The faucet base, spout and handles resemble strips of bamboo. Looking for Old World charm? The new Casa Powder Room Collection, also from ShowHouse by Moen, will fit the bill with its elegant European appearance, ornate S-shaped handles, high arc faucet and rich wrought iron finish. And for consumers who prefer a modern look, the new Sophisticate suite offers clean, smooth lines that fit in any urban or suburban setting.

“The powder room is no longer just about function and picking out a basic sink and toilet,” said Rowe. “Today it can be so much more with an endless array of new products, designs and styles. You are only limited by your imagination or that of your designer.”

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