EZ Moves/ Simtec, Co.

 EZ Moves® were invented in 1993 when a father and son, who were carpet installers, knew there had to be an easier way to move furniture. They were certain that there was something better than conventional wheeled dollies. Thus, they invented the EZ Moves® Furniture Slides, freeing them from the daily backaches they suffered due to moving heavy furniture.
 For years we manufactured EZ Moves® Furniture Slides in the family garage and sold them primarily to carpet installers and carpet cleaners. These professionals found that when they used EZ Moves® Furniture Slides in customers' homes, homeowners were amazed at how well they worked and wanted to buy a set for themselves. Workers were selling their own sets every day to supply the consumer demand..... "Consumer demand? We never really thought about that," commented Don Edwards, President/co-inventor. "We knew we had a great tool for carpet installers, and now we know everyone loves EZ Moves® Furniture Slides!"
 It was just a matter of time until QVC discovered EZ Moves® Furniture Slides. On October 12, 1997, EZ Moves® Furniture Slides debuted on QVC on the 50/50 Tour. EZ Moves® won Best of Show in PA, and to this day EZ Moves® Products continue to sell beyond expectation.
 Simtec, Co. continues to develop new and innovative products to meet consumer demand. EZ Moves® Permanent Slides were invented because QVC customers wanted something that could be left permanently under furniture. We developed EZ Moves® II with homeowners in mind, and we continue to improve Original EZ Moves® (now called EZ Moves® Pro) to work even better.
 Simtec's mission has always been and continues to be: to produce a high quality product, to listen to and appreciate our customers and give the glory to God for all He has done.
 Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in our products. To make your next move an EZ Move please click on our Product Locator.
 A New Addition to our Family

 Recently a natural evolution has occurred at Simtec and EZ Moves has been transformed into a toy for the entire family — FunSlides™ Carpet Skates™. Like socks on a hardwood floor, FunSlides gives you that same fun-powered glide on carpet. When introduced at the 2004 International Toy Fair in New York City, FunSlides received much fan fair and attention. They have appeared on Fox News Network, CNN and the CBS Morning Show to name a few. These networks chose to highlight FunSlides against the ten of thousands of toys appearing at the show. FunSlides won the Toy of the Week Award given by Playthings, the leading U. S. Trade Magazine covering the toy industry and has been a best seller on the KB Toys website for months. FunSlides also complies with ASTM F963 Standards for Toy Safety.