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Kneeless Carpet Stretcher, By Peter
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CONTACT: Kneeless Carpet Stretcher, By Peter Guelph, ON
Tel: 519 763-2565 Email:

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 Kneeless Carpet Stretcher, By Peter 
AboutKneeless Carpet Stretcher, By Peter

About Us
With the kneeless carpet stretcher you can successfully install bubble free carpet without any flesh and bone pounding which is unlike the traditional carpet kicker.
 The kneeless is light weight, fast and easy to use, and requires no assembly.
 The kneeless offers both a side and a length stretch in one motion. This allows precise control of tension and placement with an over all even stretch. Door metal installation is much easier with the kneeless because it gives complete control of placement. Working in confined areas, such as closets and corners is much easier with this carpet tool. Click here for instructions for stretching carpet with the kneeless carpet stretcher.
 The kneeless was made by professional carpet installers for professional carpet installers who understand the damage the knee kicker does to the body. They also understand the technical and logistics of installing carpet.
 The kneeless has been in use for ten years and has revolutionized carpet installation by producing an evenly distributed and maximum stretch every time.
 A must for every professional carpet installer.

We Export!
At Kneeless Carpet Stretcher, By Peter We have a dedicated export department that is ready to serve you.

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