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Briare Tile, Inc.
50-I Corbin Avenue
Bay Shore, NY 11706
United States of America
Tel: 631 492 2195
Fax: 631 492 2196

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CONTACT: Briare Tile, Inc. Bay Shore, NY
Tel: 631 492 2195 Fax: 631 492 2196 Email:

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 Briare Tile, Inc. 
AboutBriare Tile, Inc.

About Us

Exclusive importer of specialty tiles for North America such as Emaux de Briare mosaics, Capron French Riviera rustic tiles, Aurum metallic tiles, etc.

Briare Tile Inc. is the subsidiary of the French group "les Jolies Ceramiques" in charge of the North American market. The French group has four factories founded respectively in 1804, 1845 and 1888 manufacturing high end tiles from terracotta to mosaics as well as hand painted relief tiles or metallic tiles with famous brands such as Emaux de Briare, Capron, Carre or Aurum

The Emaux de Briare mosaics :

For more than 150 years, the Emaux de Briare mosaics have been synonymous of sparkling colors and with top of the range decor.

They are currently distributed in more than 30 countries through a subsidiary and specialist distributors network.

The international renown of the Emaux de Briare mosaics is expressed above all by the number of jobs commissioned on 5 continents : administrative buildings, company head offices, religious buildings, public places, leisure centers, cruise ships, shopping centers, airports, hotels, train stations,...

Let's Talk!
We have professionals on staff that can speak English, Spanish, French.

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