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Mobel Inc.

2130 Industrial Park Road
Ferdinand, IN 47532
United States of America

Tel: (812) 367-1214
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CONTACT: Mobel Inc.
Tel: (812) 367-1214

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 Mobel Furniture 
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Located in Ferdinand, Indiana, Mobel, Inc. has been crafting fine wood furniture since 1971...but our roots run far deeper. Woodworking enjoys a long and honored history in the area, with many families boasting three and four generations of craftsmen.

Ferdinand's tradition of crafting fine wood furniture made it the ideal location for a locally owned and operated company with strong ties to the community and an equally strong sense of self-determination.

In 1971, an investors' group was formed, and Mobel began with hope, experience and determination as its principal assets. Initial market samples were crafted in Quonset huts in the rail yards while new structures, covering some 38,000 square feet, were erected to house the fledgling company.

Today, Mobel occupies more than 200,000 square feet of warehouse, manufacturing, finishing and shipping space, employing some 150 people.

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